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Recent reviews by Pat B.
Restaurant Name City
Mitaka Restaurant Harrisburg, PA
This place is near the Harrisburg Mall. It's nicely decorated. We were there for Dim Sum (no push carts). Most people love shui mai pork, but they only offer shrimp, which tasted like imitation seafood. After ordering a few dim sum items which were not that good, we ordered the dragon rolls, which were not that great either. The waitress barely speaks English. If you want to try the place with min. cost, get a certificate (buy the certificate when they are 80% off).
Theo's Bar & Grille Camp Hill, PA
We were there for dinner. The Greek lemon soup was SO thick, it was like eating oatmeal. The duck breast was super soft, like the meat was grind up and formed. I like it to be more meaty with a slightly chewy bite. The chocolate cake was not that good and was pricey $6.50. I felt unsatisfied after I ate.
Rock Bass Grill Harrisburg, PA
We went there during Happy Hour and wanted to have dinner later. They seated us in the dinning room and would not let us order specials from the pub ($4.99 appetizers). The orange crush drink special is disgusting, it's like water down Tang with vodka. Don't pay extra for the seafood stuffed potato ($3+ w/entree, $6+w/o), there is hardly any seafood, they just put a small amount of creamed crab soup on top of the potato. The potato pancake was powerfully sour. Over all it was okay, but expensive. Our waiter could be more pleasing, everything we asked for he would say no or I will check...I would not pick this place, I was forced to go there for a friend's b-day.
Gertrude's Restaurant At Bma Baltimore, MD
This is located inside the Baltimore Museum of Art (free admission). We were there for brunch and it was very busy. The crab/mushroom filled omelette is so good. They have a very unique menu- pancakes, soup, special drinks...
Cedars Restaurant Camp Hill, PA
Similar to Greek Foods. It's a little pricey for what it is. For $6 we got two meat pies, about 3" x 3" with about 1 tablespoon of meat mixture in each. It was very dry and not that tasty. The salad that came with the dinner was fresh, but the dressing really had no taste (not tangy, not spicy...). The dinners had nice grilled flavors and the rice is really good. Entrees cost between $17-$23. A belly dancer performed during part of our meals, the music can get loud.
Oshaka Restaurant Springfield, VA
It's a reasonably priced place and they do have specials ($1.50 sushi)during lunch hours. The food tends to be very salty. The bathroom was a mess, but the employees were busy chatting with each other. Service is very slow and they don't speak English well.
Alfred's Victorian Middletown, PA
This place has slowly gone done hill. We used to go there often for our birthdays and anniversaries. Many years ago, you would get a slice of gourmet cheese, dried skinny bread sticks and free cordial at the end of the meal if you happen to mention your anniversary. All the seafood, except the shrimp in the bisque was rubbery. The best things on the menu are the Steak Diane and the Filetto Armeno. You don't get a salad with a $27 entree. The place was pretty empty, the seats are not comfortable and you have to walk up a long staircase to use the toilet.
Las Delicias Restaurant Harrisburg, PA
This is an affordable place to try Spanish food. You order at the counter and they bring the food to your table. The chicken stew is tender and delicious. The pork was a little dry. All meals come with meat and rice/bean. I would just do takeouts, since the restaurant can be loud with people shouting Spanish back and forth.
Confit French Bistro Camp Hill, PA
The salads are excellent and different. The entrees are big, but the meats are very fatty. Our food was floating in grease. We ordered two cups of coffee and they have us a full carafe of french pressed coffee. Our second cup was warm, so I asked the waitress to heat it cup. She brought out a new carafe and then charged us for it. The deserts are very good. Since this is a BYOB place, it can get loud with drunks- not recommended for a quiet romatic diner.
Arepa City Harrisburg, PA
This is a good place to try something different. We ordered a variety meat plate (pork, beef & chicken) and it was very good. They brought out many freshly made sauces to try. Arepa is a cornmeal bread that is thin and chewy. They have a great attitude- try it, if you don't like it, don't pay. I did not care for the corn flan, the corn was chewy and sticks to your teeth.
Symposium Lancaster, PA
The restaurant has a nice atmosphere. The olive/garlic paste that comes with the free bread is very potent (not good). I ordered the duck and the portion is very small. For $22 you get 1 breast and after you take off the thick layer of fat and skin, there is not much left to eat. The prime rib was filled with fat marbled in the meat, so it is very hard to trim the fat. It was tasty and juicy. The service was professional and friendly. We had the chocolate tort for desert and it just melts in your mouth.
Visaggio's Enola, PA
It is a nice place and the service is professional. The food is not that great. If you want good Italian food, go to Sammy's downtown Harrisburg.
Isaac's Deli Mechanicsburg, PA
The sandwich selection is unique and tasty. They are willing to customize your sandwich and add/remove any ingredients. Good salads too. Lately I have noticed the reduction of meats in the sandwiches.
Canton Cafe Springfield, VA
I love eating here, so far they have not disappointed us. We usually order General Tao chicken and duck soup. The food is flavorful. The Dim Sum selection is great as well (served at certain time). I would eat here, then walk next door to Trader Joe's.
Sushi O Midlothian, VA
This is a nicely decorated restaurant- very modern chic. The "POWER" sushi roll was good. The peppercorn calamari was too crunchy-hard for my taste. I would not recommend the stir fries, they us way too much oil.