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Recent reviews by Hal P.
Restaurant Name City
Armadillo Willy's BBQ Los Altos, CA
There are two versions of Armadillo Willie's.A regular sit down with a waitress affair and a "self serve" where you stand in line, order your meal and pay before being seated.The order person gives you a pagertype contraption that buzzes when your tray or trays are ready. I have eaten at both and prefer the cafeteria style.The Que ain't great but it is good and a good value.The sides are all good too.Two bottles of BBQ sauce on the table, mild and not mild and a roll of papertowels.My sister and I have lunched there a few times and even tryed the all you can eat ribs feed on Monday night's.It's too bad about the one on San Antonio taking a turn for the worse.The one I used to frequent untill I left the Bay Area is in Dublin.
Casa Orozco Dublin, CA
Tried this place a few times.Never had a bad meal or experience there.They serve good drinks.Good menu.OK wait staff and a killer Chichimunga with chicken, beef and pork.Way tasty.
Cook's Seafood Menlo Park, CA
I frequented this great place alot in the mid '70s and then again just recently.It is great.There is a fish market where you may buy fresh fish by the pound and then they had enough sense to go out and buy a deep fryer and see what happens.What happened is the best fish and chips in the world all cooked to perfection and served in a decidedly low key and casual style.I'd always eat outside in the sun breathing exhaust fumes from the El Camino Real.No kidding tho.You must try this little gem of a joint.
Emil Villa's, The Original Hick'ry Pit Livermore, CA
Friendly wait staff.Try the pork spareribs full rack.Good fries and you get this huge plate of great cole slaw before your bones, like a salad.Good food and good value.
Mama's Mexican Kitchen Seattle, WA
I don't get it.I lived in California for 18 years and travelled to Mexico a few times.The people that rave about authentic Mexican food at Momma's have never been out of Seattle.I ate there in June of 2003 while visiting friends that raved about it also.It was OK.A little overpriced.Great wait staff.Cool and funky surroundings, OK.But "authentic" fare and a good value? Not even.Must be the strong drinks and the vibe.Hey more power to 'em.What is considered great in Seattle could be laughed at or dismissed in Los Angeles.Food wise.