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Restaurant Name City
New York Bagel Cafe Oklahoma City, OK
Great healthy bagel sandwiches for a good price. I enjoy this place! Good place to go grab a bite and hang out.
New York Bagel Cafe Oklahoma City, OK
This is a great place to go to grab a healthy bagel meal for a good price. The food is good, and it's a great place to just hang out.
Coach's Norman, OK
Great place to eat and play a game or two of pool. A fun place to go and hang out with friends and have a beer! Food is good, but the atmosphere is great!
Legend's Restaurant Norman, OK
Great restaurant and atmosphere. Dress nice and have a great date, but bring your wallet. It is worth the price though :)
The Library Norman, OK
Great local place to have a beer and grab a bite to eat. College hideaway and is a fun place to go to. Right across campus, so would make a great place to take a date.
Joe's Crab Shack Norman, OK
This place is fun if you go at the right time when the waiters get into the fun with singing and dancing...i have been when they don't do it and then it's really not anything to write home about. The food is good and they have a good variety of seafood.
Panera Bread Oklahoma City, OK
Great restaurant, although a little bit pricer than I would care for...I definately recommend it for a good lunch.
City Bites Subs Oklahoma City, OK
Great lunch eatery...although a bit higher priced than I'd like, it has a great atmosphere, great food, and is a fun place.
Gopuram Taste of India Oklahoma City, OK
If you like indian food and atmosphere, you'll enjoy this place. It has a great atmosphere and great buffet...wish i could eat here more.
Joe's Crab Shack Oklahoma City, OK
Great atmosphere, nice lil pond out back with a neat here is good and you have a good variety of seafood.
Pearls Oyster Bar Oklahoma City, OK
This is one of my favorite restaurants. Food is great Cajun food...I've never had a meal here that I didn't absolutely love. Atmosphere is fun also.
Pearl's Oyster Bar Oklahoma City, OK
This restaurant is one of my favorite places to go. Great cajun food and i always love the seafood. I've never had a meal here that I didn't love. Fun atmosphere also.
County Line Restaurant Oklahoma City, OK
Wonderful BBQ....Great place and it's crowded quite a bit. But a wonderful place for a lunch.
Rib Crib BBQ Oklahoma City, OK
I enjoy the rib's good for a chain restaurant. Fun atmosphere as well...but the food is great!!!
Queen Ann Cafeteria Oklahoma City, OK
Good food for a cafeteria....I'm not one that really likes cafeteria's, but this one is better than most.
On the Border Mexican Cafe Oklahoma City, OK
This place is ok....a chain mexican restaurant...Oklahoma has a number of better choices for mexican food though and I would partake one of them first.
Taste of China Oklahoma City, OK
Taste of China is ok....decent chinese food, a bit higher priced than I would like. The buffet has a large selection, which is the main draw in my opinion, for the large selection, i believe you trade food value though.
Taste of China Oklahoma City, OK
This place is ok....the food is good, although I think the main draw is the fact that they have a large buffet, which I believe equates to less quality food.
Akropolis Greek Restaurant Oklahoma City, OK
Great Gyros.....look at the other reviews....I really can't add much. If you like Greek, you will love this place.
Abuello's Mexican Embassy Oklahoma City, OK
OK...I am going against the grain on the other reviews, but I thought this place was terrible. I had awful service, and didn't like the food...if you are going to bricktown, there are many other restaurants that are much better.
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