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Restaurant Name City
Checkers Restaurant Chicago, IL
Nice place to visit when you are in a hurry. Fast drive thru service and tasty shakes. Try the vanilla shake and the awesome fries.
Reza's Chicago, IL
The middle eastern food (Persian)at Reza's is the best in Chicago. The combination plate is always a favorite. The "white sauce" will spice up your pita bread and your meal. Great food, good location, solid service.
Pompei Chicago, IL
I loved this place. The pizza is great. Try the sandwich pizza, much better then Sbarro's, you won"t be disappointed.
Bakers Square Restaurant Chicago, IL
A great location. Very close to the Harlem Irving Plaza Mall. Located on the north side of Chicago and Norridge. The service is great and the food average. The location makes this restaurant stand out from the other Baker's Squares in Chicago.
Abbey Pub & Restaurant Chicago, IL
Great pub. Get together with the friends to watch the Irish soccer team battle on the international scene. The atmosphere gets good when the opposing fans get into it. Good food too, great fish and chips. The waitresses are beautiful.
Bakers Square Restaurant Chicago, IL
Good pie here. Very fast take out service and decent food. NOt a particularly good location here.
The Cheesecake Factory Chicago, IL
One of the best place in Chicago to come for dessert and stay for dinner. Try the cheesecake, ice cream combinations, and cake. The entree selections are also delicious.
Red Lobster Chicago, IL
You can always get a great deal on seafood at Red Lobster. During their special promotions, you can get great combinations including, shrimp, crab, and other seafood.
Sbarro Italian Eatery Chicago, IL
Good selection of pasta and pizza. Good combo meals for the busy downtown worker on their lunch break.
Intl House Of Pancakes Chicago, IL
Not a bad place for a quick breakfast. Don't expect great service or great food. Just an average breakfast restaurant. The lunch and dinner entrees are not as good as the breakfast selections.
Golfo's Hot Dogs & Gyros Chicago, IL
A neighboorhood fast food restaurant. Very small, with minimal seating. Usually people get take out here. The food is average, however the restaurant is in very bad shape, old and plain looking. Only recommended for take out.
Giordano's Pizzeria Restaurants Chicago, IL
Giordano's had good pizza. The deep dish pizza is excellent, one of Chicago's best.
Marie's Liquors & Pizza Chicago, IL
Marie's is a great place to get your liquor. They have hundreds of different kinds of alcohol from around the world. The pizza is just average. If you are looking for a quick bite while buying liquor, stop by the pizza restaurant that is connected to the liquor store.
Popeye's F Fried Chicken Chicago, IL
Popeye's chicken is delicious. I love the spicy chicken with a great variety og side dishes. Much better than KFC.
The Olive Garden Schaumburg, IL
The best thing about this restaurant is the washrooms. The service is average and the food below average. The salad was too small for two people, and they did not even ask if we wanted more. Except if you are interested in using the washrooms which are very nice, avoid this Olive Garden location.
Pizzeria Uno Chicago, IL
If you are looking for Chicago Style pizza, this is the best place in Chicago to get it. The pizza pie is delicious, don't order anything else because the pizza pie is their specialty. The only drawback are the long lines, and the congested seating. However, the food more than makes up for this inconvenience.
Pegasus Restaurant & Taverna Chicago, IL
One of the best Greek restaurants in Chicago. A great view of the Chicago skyline in summer, and a central location in Greektown makes this restaurant a great place to visit during the entire year. The traditional Greek specialties such as the Mousaka are delicious, as well as the appetizers such as calamari and stuffed mushrooms. One drawback is the service. The waiters are not always friendly or helpful. Overall, the food is exceptional and the service needs to improve.
Psistaria Restaurant Lincolnwood, IL
Great food and entertainment. A nice selection of wines and hearty portions of traditional Greek food. On weekends, the restaurant features Greek music and dance. The best Greek restaurant in Chicago's north suburbs.
Brown's Chicken & Pasta Chicago, IL
A fast food reastaurant that serves fried chicken and italian food. Both the chicken and the pasta are below average and the atmosphere can be compared to any chicken fast food restaurant such as KFC or Popeyes. If you like pasta, go to an Italian restaurant; If you like fried Chicken go to KFC. Brown's is not a good alternative for both.
Iberico's Chicago, IL
Go to Iberico for the tapas and the sangria. A vibrant athmosphere awaits you in this exciting Spanish restaurant in downtown Chicago. If you come to eat, order the "tapas", small portions of seafood, chicken, veal. If you are there to drink or relax after a night of clubbing or before going out, order the "sangria", a fruity, sweet Spanish wine. An escape from everyday dining, and a great place to eat.