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Old City Diner Athens, GA
I knew it was a mistake to walk in, but we did anyway to try and support this new place on the Eastside. They are located where the % Star Day used to be. We were the first customers of the day - and the only ones in the place when we arrived. They guy behind the counter had a toothpick in his mouth and was hunched over the counter as he took our order. Loud headbanger music was playing at 8AM on a Sunday morning - not the best way to wake up. There were some 6-7 people "working" - but we still had to go pick up our food when they called the number. They managed to get the order wrong - we were the only people in there! Food was ok - but the vibe from the place was awful - it felt like it was run by former convicts - not a great feeling. The red paint is enough to make you want to leave. You must also clean your own table and sort your dishes - its ok at Panera Bread - but not here - I felt like they might ask me to cook my own eggs! Save your money and go somewhere else. I'm sure they wont last more than 2 months.