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Restaurant Name City
Federici's Pizzeria Freehold, NJ
If you like thin crust pizza, you have to come to this Freehold "institution." Grap a pitcher of soda or beer and dig in. The sauce and toppings are great and the thin crust is crispy. They also have other traditional Italian dishes. The wait at "peak" times can sometimes be quite long.
El Meson Freehold, NJ
This is a great place to come for Mexican Food, but bring your own beer or wine. The tables are a bit crowded together and the is often a wait of 20 minutes at peak times. You can eat either in an indoor or outdoor area. There are all types of variations of tacos, enchilladas, burritos, etc.
Basile's Italian Restaurant Freehold, NJ
I've been to Basile's Italian Restaurant 3 times and have had to wait over 30 to 45 minutes each time. What are they doing, giving stuff away? This traditional Italian food was very good, but not really worth the wait. Do yourself a favor and order "take-out."
La Cipollina Ristorante Freehold, NJ
Tends to get a bit expensive, but this is more of a "fine dining" experience in Freehold. The service is excellent, they give you a lot of attention. You are given crispy Italian bread with flavored virgin olive oil for dipping. The entrees are prepared very well and presented artistically. This is a great place to bring the special lady, but not the kids.
Jersey Freeze Freehold, NJ
Ever wonder why there is a traffic jamb during the summer months on the Route 9 and 33 intersection? ...Jersey Freeze! Are they giving ice cream away, that the line is outside the door? The ice cream is great, as are the ice cream sodas, sundays, etc. There is also an attached building where you can get Burgers, sandwiches, etc. Kids of all ages love "Jersey Freeze."
Old Court Jester Restaurant Freehold, NJ
The Old Court Jester Restaurant is a nice restaurant to come to with you date. Located right on Main Street in Freehold, it is accross from the courts and hall of records buildings. I tend to stick to the steaks, chops and other grill type of food when I eat here. Reasonable prices / good service.
Van's Restaurant & Caterers Freehold, NJ
I've been to Van's many times over the years and am always impressed with the quality of the food and the great service. This is a great place to come for special occasions. My favorite are the steak Diane and the Chateau Brian. The gravy / sauces are fantastic, as are the salads. This is a "fine dining" type of experience.
Pasta Blitz Englishtown, NJ
Pasta Blitz is located in an attractive, north-bound Route 9 shopping center in Manalapan.The decor is pleasant and it is a fairly busy restaurant... call ahead. As the name indicates, there are many pasta dishes with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, various tomatoe, cream, vodka sauces. The food is reasonably priced, tasty, plentiful and the service is good.
Moore's Tavern & Restaurant Freehold, NJ
This is a restored historic tavern that was in the way of a road widening project. It was jacked up, moved to a new foundation and had an additional buiding attached to it. It's a good place to come for a beer, burger, or ribs. The service is fairly good, the prices are reasonable and it's cozy to eat and converse in the booths. I have never encountered a wait.
Old Bridge Diner Old Bridge, NJ
If you like diner food, the Old Bridge Diner serves good food at reasonable prices. The service is good and there is generally not too long a wait. The diner now deliver in the immediate area. This is a good place for breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. You will, however, walk or "waddle" out stuffed, but it is definitely worth trying.
Manalapan Diner & Restaurant Englishtown, NJ
If you like "diner food", this is a good place to come. It was renovated within the past few years, so the interior is attractive. The Manalapan Diner has daily specials where you can get soup to nuts. They have an excellent salad bar and the service is very good. I find diners tend to have mass produced, overcooked food that tends to be bland. The stuffing (as in stuffed flounder) tends to be overly "bready". I would stick to the steaks and chops. You will leave the place overly full.
Luchento's Ristorante Englishtown, NJ
Very good food at Luchento's Ristorante, where you can bring your own bottle. That helps, as the food is rather pricy. The atmosphere is nice, although a bit noisy. The service is o.k., maybe because it always seems to be crowded ... go early, as the wait can approach an hour. Ask for the price of the specials, or you may be unpleasantly surprised.
Brothers Pizza & Pasta Hightstown, NJ
People rave about the pizza at Brothers Pizza & Pasta and it is very good. I've also eaten the veal parmigiana, which is also good. The nice thing about these small local places is that the atmosphere is friendly, they take pride in their food, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.
Gus's Restaurant Englishtown, NJ
Recently expanded and refurbished, Gus's restaurant still has a small, local feel. A great place to go for breakfast. They have really good specials ... pancakes, waffles, etc. Also good specials for dinner, and a lot of seniors eat here. Generally no wait or a short wait, with reasonable prices and good food and service.
Jesse & David's Kosher Exprnc Englishtown, NJ
Want Jewish food, this is the place. The wait can sometimes be excessive at peak times, but the food is good and reasonable. The soups are good, as are the dinners. The corn beef and pastrami sandwich is great, as they tend to be at a Jewish deli's.
Mezza Luna Englishtown, NJ
A nice restaurant for a date or a family, with generally little wait. It has a pizza section and a restaurant section. The atmoshere is clean, the service is good and I've never had a bad meal here. The veal is great as are the chicken dishes. You can bring your own wine.
Cabin Freehold, NJ
Recently rebuilt after a fire, this log cabin is a nice place for dates or family. You smell the barbeque upon entering and the kids love to look at all the animal heads on the wall. The Cabin is a great place for a beer and a steak, or really any type of grilled steaks, chops, chicken. It can be a bit noisy, but the service is generally very good.
Harold's New York Deli Edison, NJ
Everyone should experience Harold's at least once in their lives ... crowded, noisy, hustling waiters carrying extremely large portions of cakes, sandwiches. You cannot order or possibly eat anything on the menu without sharing!! My favorite is the corn beef and pastrami sandwich ... nothing like it on rye bread with a pickle and coldslaw. Skip the cakes ..they are gigantic, but not that good.
Pop Pop Dugan's Englishtown, NJ
Pop Pop Dugan's is a local, out of the way place, down by the railroad tracks in Englishtown N.J. It's a good place to have a Burger and a Beer, although I've had a steak here that was pretty good. Not your restaurant for really fine dining, but not a bad "working class" type restaurant.
Peking Pavilion Englishtown, NJ
Fine Dining/Full Bar/very good service. Every dish is well prepared, but somewhat pricey. The Lamb chops, steak, and Grand Marnier Shrimp are Great, but the soup is rather tasteless, so save your money for the entre. often a bit of a wait, so make reservations.