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Restaurant Name City
Rosedale Barbeque Kansas City, KS
I'm not a bid BBQ guy but Rosedale's is the best I've had in KC. Most of the specials are typical BBQ far (beef or pork sandwich, beans, etc.) but occassionally they will have a fish platter that competes with anything out there. Friendly staff and a nice clean place to eat.
Ciccino's Pizzeria Waterloo, NY
This place has been a staple in Waterloo for as long as I can remember. Although the name has changed a few times, the pizza remains the same....very good NY style pizza.
Himmarshee Bar & Grille Fort Lauderdale, FL
I was reluctant about dining here because I normally don't enjoy contemporary cuisine; however, I have found a new love for it. I had a grilled dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi) with a caramel sauce. Needless to say, it was delectible and I would recommend it to all. Himmarshee is upscale enough for a tux and relaxed enough for a sport shirt. A perfect place to dine with friends or that someone special. Excellent food and excellent service. Six stars!
Fun House Pizza & Pub Independence, MO
My wife had told me so many wonderful things about this place before my first visit, that I couldn't wait to go. Great pizza, games, and a full bar. Well, maybe I needed to experience it 15 years ago to appreciate it. The pizza is good, but the games are old and so is the paint. This place could use some updating. As for the food and service, both are superb. Great place to relive old memories.
Lamartina's Italian Restaurant Rochester, NY
Authentic Italian food, family owned atmosphere, excellent place for dinner for two or the family. Don't miss the fish fry on Friday's.
Boston Lobster Feast Orlando, FL
If quantity means more to you than quality, this is the place. The food is average to good, but the value for the dollar is very good. It is all you can eat but you are entitled to only one lobster tail per trip to the seafood bar.
High Tide Harry's Seafood Orlando, FL
Great seafood, great service, great prices. Traditional by the sea shanty atmosphere. One of the only places left to get all you can eat entrees
Fish Bones Orlando, FL
Awsome place to eat and entertain with friends. One of the tastiest and largest lobster tails I have ever had. Try the appetizers, they are meals themselves. Great atmosphere.
Charlie's Steak House Orlando, FL
Great flavorful steaks. There are two Charlies in Orlando and this one is the best. The wood fire smells great, when you arrive you can't wait to eat, when you leave and smell the fire you wish you had another stomach for another steak. Best steaks in Orlando.
Orlando Ale House Orlando, FL
Great service, clean, good food, and a great place to catch a game. Nice fun loving crowd.
Colony Steak House & Lobster Kansas City, MO
best surf and turf in Kansas City, period. Excellent service with a fine dining ambiance.
Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon Kansas City, MO
Good food at a great price. The Porterhouse is the best value in town. Tip, eat at the bar!
Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon Kansas City, MO
Good food at a great price. The Porterhouse is the best value in town. Tip, eat at the bar!
Froggers Grill & Bar Orlando, FL
Best wings in Orlando by far. The crowd can get a little rowdy at night so keep the kids home atfer 8pm. Video games and pool add to this sports bar's ambiance.
Legal Seafoods Fort Lauderdale, FL
I stopped here for dinner and ordered a shrip cocktail to start things off. Needless to say, I ordered 5 of these delicious plates and skipped dinner. Excellent.
Lobster Hut Plymouth, MA
This place is kindof like McD's but with great food and a fisherman's warf feeling. Plastic baskets and plastic tablecloths. If you know the area, it fits. Great platters and the hushpuppies melt in your mouth.
Ponak's Mexican Kitchen Kansas City, MO
Fun wait staff. Hot chips. Great food. I love the pork flautas. Everthing here is neat from the center kitchen to the wood and steel plates. Best mexican in KC.
D'Bronx On Bell Street Kansas City, MO
I love NY style pizza and in KC, this is the best. Alot of history here. This place feels like NYC. Bare brick with handwritten names and things on the walls. Cool. The food is good (subs and such)but if its busy you may be waiting a while. The place is family owned and everyone gets involved. I love this place.
Jazz - a Louisiana Kitchen Kansas City, MO
Authentic Cajun food and authentic atmosphere. If you like spicey foods you'll love it. Bring a towel to wipe the sweat from your forehead. The seafood pasta in a white cream sauce is delicious. Be sure to read the helpful hints in the menu.
21 Club New York, NY
Went to 21 for lunch and ate in the lower level. My kids loved it with the hanging models and such from the ceiling. Food was delicious. The wait staff was a bit reserved though. Great experience but I was politely denied access to the wine room.