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Restaurant Name City
Papa Gallos Restaurant Keene, NH
I went here with co-workers for the luncheon menu. WHile the food was fine, our experience was lacking in that the waitress never checked on us, continuously forgot things we requested (including the bill) and was in no hurry to make our trip a pleasant one. The food gets a 4 and the service a 2 - overall: a 3.
Pizzaria Uno's Chicagos Bar & Grill Keene, NH
While I often opt for the "Mom and Pop" style pizza, I truly enjoyed Uno's and would even go so far as to recommend it. Give it a shot if you are in the area.
The Rynborn Restaurant and Blues Club Keene, NH
I would have to agree with a previous posting...the Rynoborn is a fantastic addition to Keene and the arrival of some place like this has been long awaited. The food is fantastic, the atmosphere is upbeat (no, it does not give you the blues). This is one of the few places in Keene that I would recommend taking a date to. I hope you al enjoy it as much as we did.
Williams House Restaurant Williamsburg, MA
I dined here as a treat from friends and was pleasantly surprised. At first I didn't know what to expect after hearing where we were going but when we got inside I was instantly glad to be there. The chef (new to the restaurant) was right there to greet our friends at the door and was a very pleasant man. The menu was fantastic. Between the four of us we ordered a bottle of wine, 2 baked scallops, 1 baked haddock, and I ordered the Filet of Pork Mignon. The soup was a wild mushroom soup that included mushrooms apparantly picked nearby. The taste was amazing. I don't believe I have ever enjoyed soup so much. But then the dinners arrived. My pork was tender and juicy with a fantastic glaze. The garlic mashed potatoes were good (although I must say I have had better). And the vegetable medley was excellent. There was a lot of color and a lot of taste on all of our plates. After we had all stuffed ourselves we decided to try and split a couple deserts. We ordered a Creme Brulee (fantastic) and an apple crisp (also wonderful). None of us wanted to get up after...we all enjoyed ourselves (and our food) too much. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Chili's Grill & Bar Dover, NH
I have to say if you haven't been to Chili's yet, what are you waiting for? its a great upbeat atmospere and the food is decent as well. The is something for everybody.
Friendlys Dover, NH
For a friendly's this restaurant is OK - the food is never all that great, but the ice cream is a good reason to go.
Moe's Italian Sandwiches Dover, NH
Fantastic Sub's I have never found a sub shop as good as a Moe's Shop. If you have a craving for flavor in your sandwich - go here. They also have a decent selection of bottle drinks to go with your order.
Newick's Seafood Restaurant Dover, NH
With a view overlooking the water, this is an excellent place to go with the whole family for dinner. While the seafood is the best around, the kids (or adults) who aren't such big fans of seafood can always order a burger or chicken fingers. The food is plentiful (and delicious) and the prices are reasonable. Go in for you Birthday - you'll get a special treat ;)
Strafford Farms Restaurant Dover, NH
While the food here is decent, they are also well known for their deserts. It is a nice place to head out with a date as it has a nice, quiet, relaxed atmosphere.
Weathervane Seafood Restaurant Dover, NH
I do NOT recommend the weathervane - I also used to work here and would never eat at one again. I worked there for a total of two weeks and in that time I saw people using dropped food (managers too) and uncleanly working conditions (including the floors).
Gateway Family Restaurant Durham, NH
Great family atmosphere. I used to work here (it IS actually in Lee at the traffic circle). You can also visit the Gateway on rte 108 in Somersworth. Great home recipes and the menu is fairly diverse.
Gauthier's 125 Family Style Durham, NH
While the dining rooms are a bit on the small size, this restaurant is more cozy than squished. The food is well prepared and the prices are decent. Try it, I think you will like it.
Three Chimneys Inn Durham, NH
Fantastic food. We ate in the tavern (more casual) the food was good, the prices were reasonable. If you are looking for good food for a nice dinner try it out. And if you are looking for something more formal, try going upstairs - I haven't been yet but can't wait to try it out.
Gateway Family Restaurant Somersworth, NH
Good homemade food at decent prices. All in a nice atmosphere. Enjoy the salad bar.
Coat of Arms Portsmouth, NH
Excellent place to go and tip a few back...maybe grab a bite to eat while you are there.
New Asia Chinese Restaurant Portsmouth, NH
Hey it's chinese! How can you go wrong...LOL Of course there is also the Karaoke and DJing to go and check out...always a fun time with friends.
Panera Bread Portsmouth, NH
If I could give it 10 stars I would...its like heaven on earth. Great food: sandwiches, bakery foods, and well as fantastic drinks. Just go - you'll love it.
Yoken's Thar She Blows Portsmouth, NH
Decent seafood at OK prices - I'd rather go for the gift shop however. I have attended a few functins here as well - they seem to do well with those. Try it out, it isn't bad, and you may even enjoy yourself :)
Swanzey Diner Swanzey, NH
We stopped in here because it was one of the few places in the area that my wife could smoke. We came back for the good food, low prices and nice staff. Try it out (even if it IS just to be able to smoke).
Dante's Spaghetti House & Primo Vino Bar Barrington, NH
If you are looking for Italian - this is the place to go. Dante is a true italian and knows how to cook. The portions are amazing and the atmosphere is phenomenal. Check it out. The food is great and the people are friendly.