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Recent reviews by Bill C.
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Fleur De Lys San Francisco, CA
Nice room, the staff pleasant although two were clearly sick if the amount of sniffling going on was an indication, which wasn't all that pleasant. The first 3 courses were great, the four of us all had something differentand during these courses everyone was quite happy. After a slight misunderstanding on the servers part, we all unded up with the cheese course, which was the beginning of the end. The fourth cheese (swiss mountail cheese) was SO pungent and smelly it really over powered the subtler goat cheese in olive oil, camembert and blue cheese, and caused two of the ladies to have an overwhelming desire to wash their hands. The wine list has some huge holes, meaninig very few in the $60-90 range fewer in the $90-125 range and pleanty in the $250+ range. Also they served our first 100 cabernet in burgundy/pinot glasses, my bad for not asking for a bordeaux/carbernet glass, as the wine never opened up like I would have wished. So in conclusion, compared with some of San Francisco's other fine dining establishments, last might was average, would i go back? Yes, I feel that they can provide an excellent experience, but they fell just short last night.