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Restaurant Name City
Cheesecake Factory Houston, TX
Long wait, good food, LARGE portions. Recommend for lunch. Cheesecakes are good, but I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
Casey's Seafood Restaurant Galveston, TX
AWESOME!! Excellent seafood, decent prices, large servings, great service. I drove 1 hour from Houston the night before my move to San Antonio just to eat here because I didn't know if I'd be back. Well worth the it. I'd drive there from SA if I had the time.
Fogo De Chao Houston, TX
Fortunately, my company paid for my meal there (otherwise I'd have never gone). I love my company for it, the food was awesome, service was unmatched, the place is incredible. Definitely recommend if you can afford it.
Fifty Nine Diner Houston, TX
Better than the average diner. Food was good but probably higher priced than many other diners out there. Greasy, but what do you expect from a diner.
Cafe Express Houston, TX
Food was not that great, wayyyy too high a price for what you get, atmosphere is nothing special. There are TONS of places where your money will be better spent.
La Madeeleine French Bakery Houston, TX
Food is very good, soups are great. Would recommend anyone to go there at least once.
The Original Pasta Co Houston, TX
Good food at a good price. Servings are pretty large and the bread is good. THere are better, but not many for the same price.
Auntie Pasto's Houston, TX
EXCELLENT food!! The chicken parmasian is different than anything you've tried and is AWESOME. Go for dinner, enjoy the food and the atmosphere. The Bellaire location is best.
Denis Seafood Restaurant Houston, TX
Excellent seafood, prices are good, interior is nice. THere are better places in Houston for similar price, but not many.
Americas Houston, TX
Food is good, although last time I was there the swordfish was too dry and wasn't seasoned well. The absolutely gigantic shrimp was incredible, though. Never thought I'd say this, but I've never tasted better white rice!! Outlandish interior, nice touch.
The Aquarium Kemah, TX
I thought the food was good and not terribly expensive considering you've got to pay for all those giant aquariums. It was only a few bucks more than most seafood places, but the view was vastly better. The wait was about 1 hour, but I expected as much. As long as you go expecting to wait a while and pay a little more than you would at the places around it, it's worth going at least once.
Tookie's Restaurant Seabrook, TX
I don't know where all this pricey talk comes from, the food cost about as much as a Fuddrucker's or Wallbangers. Higher than a fast food burger joint, but not expensive. Good burgers, greasy, homemade fries. I like the ambiance.
Golden Dragon Restaurant McAllen, TX
Decent as far as buffets go, not an exceptionally large selection, but acceptable.
Royal China Restaurant McAllen, TX
I've been there for lunch and must say it's the best Chinese food I've ever had anywhere, not just the Valley. The prices were low considering the large servings. I would highly recommend to anyone who's tired of same-old same-old mediocre Chinese buffets.
Calypso Boat McAllen, TX
The food was fairly good, especially if you like fried seafood. They didn't have many grilled or baked selections, so consider that before you go.
Joe's Crab Shack McAllen, TX
Good, but not great. Too bad there are not too many really good seafood joints in McAllen - being so close to the ocean and all. In the area it's probably one of the better places.
Mesquite Grill II McAllen, TX
Went there recently for the first time in years. Although the interior looked much better, the food had probably gone down in quality and the prices definitely went up. Had a ribeye steak that was certainly large, not too costly, and tasted pretty good.
Luca Pizza McAllen, TX
Excellent taste, huge slices, good prices. The only drawback - you need several napkins to soak up the grease that sits atop your slice. I guess that grease adds to the flavor.
Montgomery Brewing Co & Cafe Montgomery, AL
I ate there on one of my few nights out while at Officer Training School. One of the best places I've been to anywhere. The servings were large, prices were a little high (but reasonable) and the food was great. Go, enjoy the food, take in the atmosphere, and (if you drink) enjoy the beer.
Mangia Mangia Pasta Cafe Key West, FL
Great pasta made right there in their kitchen. Although I'm not a Conch, I know the town fairly well as my in-laws live there and I visit often. One of the better places on the island in its price range.