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Restaurant Name City
Fisherman's Wharf Inn & Motel Boothbay Harbor, ME
This is a great fun place to go in the summer! The music is always hot, somtimes live, and there are pool tables can eat out on the water or inside. The place gets packed on Friday nights!
Hard Rock Cafe New York, NY
Wow!! I had a blast at this place!!! Fun fun fun!! Great music, the staff was friendly and courteous, the food was great!! Everyone should go there at least once!!
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Monterey, CA
I went to the one in New York, but am unable to add that restraunt for some reason to give it a proper review. <br> I LOVED this place in NY!!! The staff were all so fun, and the music was great! The food was fantastic!!! Loved it and everyone should go at least once!! <br> They have the neatest gift shop too! <br> Only problem is there is quite a line- plan to wait 45 minutes even when they tell you 10-15.
Bailey Inn & Restaurant Wiscasset, ME
A great fammily style place to eat. Service is excellent and the fod is divine!
Karen's Kitchen Wiscasset, ME
The food is great, the service is a little lackluster at times. Seatin is limited and makes it hard to enjoy the meal as well as you might- it's worth the effort though!
Taste of Maine Restaurant Woolwich, ME
I take all my out of state friends here at least once! On good days you can sit out back on the deck and watch the water and the water birds. Simply wonderful! <br> <br> The food is great, servings are ample. But service is slow so don't be in a hurry.
Bullwinkle's Steak House Waldoboro, ME
This is a very fun family oiriented place to eat! They offer toys/entertainment for the kids while dining, and everyone is friendly. Staff is courteous albeit a bit slow at times. The food simply can't be beat!
Al's Drive In Restaurant Waterville, ME
Good food though service was slow when I was there. Not sure if there was a staff shortage or not that day. I love fried foods, and this was pretty good.
Applebees Waterville, ME
I had no idea a chain could be this could! Excellent meals, super service! Great job !!
Big G's Waterville, ME
I didn't find anything here that was super special- ok average but not special. service was average.
Friendly's Waterville, ME
Not a bad place to eat at all, far better than McDonald's. Courtous staff, and ample serving sizes. Food was good.
John Martin's Manor Rest Waterville, ME
I usually enjoy a good buffet, but this one was just average. Oh a couple of veggie dishes were very good, but on the whole, the buffet was ordinary.
Last Unicorn Waterville, ME
Had to stop in because of the name, wondering if it would be as uniques as it's name. <br> It's an ok place to eat, folks are friendly, prices are good. Just wasn't quite into the menu.
Lobster Trap Waterville, ME
I don't know what it "used" to be like here. But the meal was adequate in size, and very tastey. Service was poor though.
Mei Lam Lau Restaurant Waterville, ME
I like a small chinese style restaurant. I love the coziness and the service that you get when you stop at these types of places. The food was good and reasonablely priced.
Steve's Restaurant Waterville, ME
Pretty typical of a place the local kids choose to hang out at. Cheap good food and fast service.
The Bread Box Cafe Waterville, ME
I love the name! Was hoping for more freshly made types of bread with that name though. <br> Good food ample serving sizes and the staff was friendly and fast.
Villager Family Restaurant Waterville, ME
The place rivals Moody's Diner of Waldboro for quality food at inexpensive prices. Good deal!
Chinaway Restaurant Newport, ME
Great food at super prices! I enjoyed it here, and several friends frequent this place regularly.
Log Cabin Diner Newport, ME
I wasn't impressed by the wait, the food or going outside to the bath room!! Nothing really "wrong" just nothing super right.
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