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Recent reviews by L G.
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Nha Trang Place Jersey City, NJ
The look of the restaurant is nothing special. The service is friendly but do not expect a server asking you how your food is every couple of minutes. But if you're looking for good Vietnamese food, this is the place. The food is amazing! I can't count how many times I have eaten there and never have I been disappointed. The summer rolls and salmon dish are my favorite. There pork is tender. The beef and rice are delicious. I love going there and ordering a new dish to try. The food is light and flavorful. The prices are extremely reasonable. If you are in the area, you must make a stop at Nha Trang Place.
Wife's Kitchen Old Bridge, NJ
Putting aside the name of the restaurant which may seem, lets say, a bit antiquated, the food is very good. Usually when I have Chinese food, I may enjoy it at first but by the time I am done I have a heavy, sometimes greasy, feeling in the pit of my stomach. Wife's Kitchen has never had that effect on me and instead has me craving Chinese food more often than not. I have ordered food from Wife's Kitchen many times but have only been to the restaurant once to pick up my food. I do not recommend dining in, it is just a small restaurant whose business is made from take-out and deliveries. However, delivery is always fast and there has never been an error in my order. If you are looking for good Chinese food, I definetly recommend giving this restaurant a try.