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Restaurant Name City
Melinium Coffee Shop Alma, AR
Very good cappuccino coffee. Comfortable lounge and a relaxing place to unwind. Plenty of regulars there who know all there is to know about politics. Food was hot and plentiful. Service was fast and coutrious.
J J's Krispy Krunchy Chicken Yazoo City, MS
Great ole fashion country fried chicken. Just like mom makes. Great sides and good fast service. WOuld recommend.
Main Event Cafe Yazoo City, MS
Nice place to unwind at the end of a long day. Lots of locals like this place. Would recommend.
Mcdonald's Tupelo, MS
Its McDonalds. Best to grade the cleanlyness. This was was clean and seems the manager has a good crew working it.
Nabor's BBQ Aberdeen, MS
Had to venture down to this place. Was recommended by a friend. Very good eats here and the hot sauce IS hot!
Holley Restaurant Amory, MS
Nice lunch buffet. Food was hot and service fast. Bar stayed stocked and lots of choices.
Holbrook's Fish & Steak House Ashland, MS
Have had both the fish and steaks here. When you say rare steak, they do rare steak. Sides were fantastic and the fish was very good. I liked the way they did the baked fish too.
Pizza Factory Baldwyn, MS
We had the take out and it was ready when we picked it up. Was hot. Little pricey but the pizza was meaty.
Cracker Barrel Batesville, MS
A good national chain restaurant with quality service. I can never get out of the gift shop without buying something.
Hometown Cafe Bruce, MS
Good country cooking. Food is hot and service is fast. Place was clean. The people that live here are really country people.
Sawmill Restaurant Bruce, MS
This place has been in business a long time. Very good place to eat and all the locals are friendly. You will not be disappointed at all.
Texas Style BBQ Houston, MS
Very good pig here. Sandwiches are large and the hot sauce is HOT! .. I love the slaw they use, very black pepper spicy.
Ox Yoke Steakhouse Big Creek, MS
You will never forget the experience you have here. Its centered in the middle of nowhere. Ask the people in Calhoun City about it and everyone will tell you the same thing. ITS GREAT! .. The town is really neat and the way it was in the early 1900's, I mean the whole town!
Billy Bob's Tunica, MS
I had no complaints. Food was fine and service was attentive. I disagree with the other reviewers, its a good place to eat. we had lunch.
Cane Creek Steak House Booneville, MS
A good hometown steak house. If you are traveling thru stop by and have a bite to eat. The place was very charming.
Chicken Basket Philadelphia, MS
If you go here during FAIR TIME the place will be packed. The locals know where to eat. Good place .. good food.. good service.
Old Mexico Philadelphia, MS
Don't fill up on chips and dip, save some for the steak they will cook for you. Its a fab place to eat. Service is fast and meat is tender.
Old Mexico Mexican Restaurant Philadelphia, MS
They cook a fantastic Steak. Watch that you don't fill up on chips and dip. Service was quick and food was hot.
Philip M's Philadelphia, MS
Expensive to eat there and I was not please with the service. We were comped our meal so that may have had something to do with it. They also seemed to be shorthanded that night.
Spin-Ner's Pizza Philadelphia, MS
Pizza was generously supplied with toppings. We had take out and was hot when we picked it up. Hey, its good pizza but it is Pizza.
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