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Restaurant Name City
Ria Mar Restaurant & Bar South River, NJ
The best restaurant in central jersey. we go there all the time. reservations are needed. but service is great.bathrooms are super clean and so aer tables and silverware.parking is good.great area even if there isnt any parking.great food! and reasonable prices.
Nuebies New Brunswick, NJ
Great food.happy smart servers.never answers theyre phones
On the Border Mexican Cafe New Brunswick, NJ
Servers usually have attitude but they give you what you want.good food but not great. drinks are expensive
Marita's Cantina New Brunswick, NJ
I LOVE THE FOOD! drinks tend to be expensive but everything else is reasonably priced.great atmoshpere
P J's Grill & Pizza New Brunswick, NJ
Never had a problem with deliveries. My entire family loves there food. Cheap pricing too.
Old Man Rafferty's New Brunswick, NJ
Food is very a good area.but parking can sumtimes suck.its reasonalably priced though.servers arent alwayss very nice but most are.deserts are great
The Hungry Peddler New Brunswick, NJ
Food is great.The first time you come in everyone knows you by name.Deserts are super good.
Pizza City-Easton Ave New Brunswick, NJ
Best place to order in the area. Pizzas always good.Subs and appetizers are always good too. Overall foods great and so is the price. Fast delivery too.