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Recent reviews by Mike S.
Restaurant Name City
Mark's Feed Store Bar-B-Q Louisville, KY
from the picnic tables to the wooden floors, this is the best "corporate" example of an old fashioned southern barbecue 'joint". My primary critique is that they use a North Carolina mustard based barbecue, which is out of touch with most louisvillians who grew up on a vinager based sause with tomatoes. Still, it is a good change of pace. Try the buttermilk pie if you really want to top off the evening.
Winston's Louisville, KY
This is a place run by students of the culinary institute at Sullivan College and you can tell they are taught well. The food is always delightful, but at times a bit pricy for student cooking. On the other hand, you might get lucky and they might be experimenting in the kitchen that night. My wife and I got free deserts once just because they were trying something new that night. So, you get a good meal and in good surroundings (you would never guess it was essentially a classroom) and you contribute to education at the same time.
Lilly's Louisville, KY
Lilly's is by far the best restaurant in the ciy. Cathy Cary knows food. She is a scholar of cooking and it shows in every dish. The menu changes from time to time so your favorite might disappear. But, if you ask, they can usually whip it up. If you visit Louisville and want to eat at the finest, you must try Lilly's. But, the place is small. So, call ahead for reservaitons.