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Restaurant Name City
Garcias Mexican Phoenix, AZ
Very good authentic mexican dishes. Always served hot whether you dine in or take out. In a hurry, grab a take out menu, call in your order and it will be ready to pick up when you get there. It gets real busy at lunch and dinner, but the service is always friendly and willing to go the extra distance to make sure you have everything you want.
Angelina's Mexican Food Phoenix, AZ
If your ready for REAL mexican food, stop here. A small cafe style place with very friendly servers. A little hard to communicate (unless you speak spanish). The food is terrific, and it's usually not very busy so service is always fast.
Angelos Family Rstrnt Elkhart, IN
good little family style cafe. Good service, good prices. A regular stop for locals for coffee and conversation in the mornings. Variety of plate lunch specials.
Paul Bunyan Eatery Hurricane, WV
It must be hard for regular travelers to judge a truckstop. This rest. is part of the T/A truckstop.They keep the place very clean. The service is decent, sometimes a little lacking when busy, but overall not bad. The food comes in very generous portions, you won't go away hungry. Truckers come first though, it is a TRUCKSTOP. I'm usually treated well, served with a smile, and never saw my coffee cup empty. When I'm going to be going that way, I know where supper's gonna be at before I start the trip.
Pop's Happy Land Rest Stop Monteagle, TN
Your basic hole in the wall truckstop. The service is very friendly and pretty fast. BUT this place needs a real good cleaning. The food is decent at best, poor the rest. You want a place to stop and stretch your legs after the trip up the mountain (sits at the very top) have a cup of coffee and "shoot the bull" with the truckers, c'mon in. You want a good meal, go back towards the interstate to monteagle travel plaza. Not alot better but better than pop's.
Plaza Restaurant Monteagle, TN
Decent truckstop. My usual stop when passing through. The service comes with a smile, the prices are about average for a truckstop. The food comes out pretty fast, hot, cooked right. Great place for breakfast. The store and the rest of the truckstop could use some help, but the food and service makes it a worthwhile stop. This is also a known stop for alot of nashville musicians, check the photo wall for your favorite singer. Then look around the room, you may be eating with soemone you recognize.
Grandma's Home Cooking Rensselaer, IN
The name about speaks for itself. Part of a truckstop, this place has a downhome country feel, complete with checkered tablecloths. The service is friendly, quick, and always polite. Good food at a good price.
Rio's Steakhouse Bardstown, KY
Decent steakhouse. The type that has peanut shells in the floor. The service is decent, and the food's not too bad. Good ribs, if you get there on the right day (50/50 chance). Dry on others. But overall not too bad. Change may be coming real soon though, the city is building a new justice center on the same large property. Not sure if they will be able to re-up lease.
Tom Pig's Restaurant Bardstown, KY
plate lunch style place, alot fo the foods frozen entree type. Don't make a special trip. homestyle breakfasts are ok, but greasy spoon, hole in the wall.
Hometown Pizza Bloomfield, KY
The only place in town to eat dinner. Usually full of locals. Good pizza, homemade, i think. the seating is a little cramped but a decent place to take the kids.
Mom & Pops Diner Bloomfield, KY
Now known as "korner Kafe". Still a mom and pop type place. Get there early, they are only open for breakfast and lunch. Morning coffee stop for alot of the locals (only one). Simple one page menu.
Oran's Wagon Wheel Restaurant Eubank, KY
Truckstop. Used to be THE truckstop of choice for drivers coming through. Getting rundown a little. Pretty good food, good coffee. Even though the truckstop's getting old, the resturaunt is clean and well maintained. Make SURE you wash up before leaving the restroom! They could use some attention!
Wafflehouse Elizabethtown, KY
It's a waffle house. 'Nuff said. The foods good, the place is usually clean. I never cared for the coffee but that holds true for the whole chain.
Cracker Barrel Elizabethtown, KY
Good food, good atmosphere. If you can get in the place. Usually crowded. near the interstate. Don't show up hungry on a weekend around dinner time, you'll starve waiting to get in.
Texas Roadhouse Elizabethtown, KY
Great food, decent service (most of the time). Service can get slow when the place fills up. And does it ever fill up!?! Try it on a weekday, but try to beat the supper rush.
Los Meriachis Lebanon, KY
GREAT mexican food. Weekends tend to get a little crowded for just that reason. Clean, good service, friendly atmosphere. Take the whole family, take a date, or go alone, just go. Set right in the middle of town, good location, plenty of parking. Large dining room, you can usually get right in. Possibly a short wait on weekends. But worth it.
Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant Louisville, KY
I read the other reviews. Man i must have picked a bad day to show up. The service i got was questionable. They acted as if we were bothering them to be there. The food was blah! Mexican food doesn't tend to set well on a buffet. I love mexican food but was turned off by this place, and in fact had to leave there to go get something to eat somewhere else.
El Caporal Louisville, KY
Great place to take the family. Good food, good staff, clean authentic looking. Hot chips, good salsa, definatly made from scratch. One of our favorite places in louisville.
Bootleg Bar-B-Q Louisville, KY
This place tends to be crowded, for good reason. This is THE bar-b-que place in louisville. Grab plenty of napkins it's gonna get messy. The ribs fall off the bone, the pork makes you want to make a pig of yourself. Be prepared to wait on weekends, but also be ready to go home stuffed and grinnin' ear to ear. Tip: wear loose pants, you'll hurt yourself in tight jeans. Go, find out yourself, you'll be glad you did.
Don Pablo's Lexington, KY
Don't waste your time stopping here, unless you need to use the restroom really bad. I took the family once, never again. The food was either very overcooked or 1/2 cold. The service was not cooperative, the manager did little to remedy the situation. no one ate more than a few bites of their meal and all that was done about it was 1/2 off the ticket. The food went in the trash and we went to McDonalds!