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Restaurant Name City
Chat & Chew Arma, KS
Great place to enjoy a quick lunch, you can have fun passing the time with a person chatting away, while you have a delicious meal!
Luna Ristorante Venice, FL
Great restaurant, the food is served in big platters, be there early because there will be a long line and you WILL wait to be seated, but the wait is worth it becasue the food is awesome!
Alva Country Diner Alva, FL
You can't get any better than this place! Worth the wait for the food, but it's superb. Great family restaurant that has a lot to offer. Great place!
Black Bear Diner Lake Havasu City, AZ
They serve you plenty! Great bargain for the amount of food theygive you, its amazing. tastes awesome too. make sure to stop by if you're in town.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Shawnee, OK
Loved the meals, huge portions and you have to love the fact that cracker barrel is growing and expanding its restaurant, good thing they opened one here.
Tivoli Restaurant North Miami Beach, FL
Great place ot have a great dinner, loved the service and the food was excellent!
Peppi's Pizzeria Naples, FL
Great place for an All Italian pizza, with great atmpshphere at service, fast food too!
Sunrise Grill & Pancake House Anchorage, AK
Great place to enjoy a quiet breakfast while on visit to alaska. awesome pancakes
Royal Donuts & Deli Anchorage, AK
Awesome place to get some freshly made donuts to your liking, nice and cheap too!
Blondies Alaskan Steak & Seafd Anchorage, AK
Great place to grab a steak for dinner as you vacation alaska. You wont regret it!
Burger Jim's Anchorage, AK
Perfect burger, loved it, great combo with the fries as well, would love to stop by again for lunch.
Sea Galley Restaurant Anchorage, AK
Loved the seafood there, had a Salmon, one of the best salmon's ive had in my life, would enjoy going back!
Wings N' More College Station, TX
Cheap affordable place to grab a bite to eat while you stop by in college station, great wings, great price!
La Barronena College Station, TX
Great steak dinner, you will not regret what you order, might be big but will be well worth it!!
Chicken Bowl Houston, TX
Awesome chicking with great price selection and variety, i loved the menus they were awesome, good service too!
Maggiano's Little Italy Houston, TX
loved the atmosphere it was very romantic, with great theme to the whole restaurant the food was spectacular and the service was awesome.!
Rib City Grill Naples, FL
Once again another wonderful place to have ribs in naples, great location with great service.
Witch's Brew Lounge & Package Naples, FL
Good looking restaurant , ok food but a little too expensive for the type of food.
Hops Restaurant Bar and Brewery Naples, FL
great franchise restaurant with it's very own brewery and great service! would recommend to friends!
Play Off Sports Cafe Naples, FL
great place for you to watch the football game with your buddies! have a couple of beers and enjoy yourself.
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