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Recent reviews by Junior N.
Restaurant Name City
Cocos Bakery & Restaurant Anaheim, CA
This is a fair to decent location. It is a great place to grab a quick not so bad meal before making the short 2 block walk to DisneyLand. I would not say it is any better or any worst then places like Denny's or IHOP. I would not put it on my list of "have to eat at" locations but for a quick breakfast bite, stop in.
Goofys Kitchen - Disneyland Hotel Anaheim, CA
up there in price, but everything that is disney is high priced these days. This would be a blast for the kids, disney characters running all around and these people want you to smile. Top notch service and great food, this is a must try if your visiting the happiest place on earth.
Buon Gusto Restaurant South San Francisco, CA
This is one of the best italian food restarants I have been to in the South San Francisco area. I would be all means suggest it to anyone. <br> Great food, friendly fast service, nice (but small) enviorment. Give it a try
Little Luca Sandwich Shop South San Francisco, CA
Well what can I say, they have been there for a very long time and the food is top notch but the wait is ALWAYS long, it is hot as heck in there, the place is tiny and thats about it. If you in South San Francisco and you want a good lunch go here ... if you want a better lunch, visit Darby Dan's and get a sandwhich they call the "sleeper" (or anything else they have is good also).
Pizza Hut South San Francisco, CA
been to one you have been to them all... visit a mom and pop stop pizza joint for real good food.
Chevys Mexican Restaurant South San Francisco, CA
i have to go against what is being said, the staff is very nice ... I got to know my waitress very well a few times after I had been there. ;) <br> Orange blast margarita was great, you have to try it!
Intnl House Of Pancakes South San Francisco, CA
bad bad bad service and the food is not much better. If it was the only place open, I would still NOT eat there.
Basque Cultural Ctr South San Francisco, CA
decent food, semi decent staff, small place and can be a bit hard to find. Would not be my first choice but would not be my last.
Cacti Restaurant and Bar Novato, CA
My grandparents were married here back when it was a church... man how time flys! <br> Great food all around. Decent corkage fee for those of you wishing to bring your own wine.
Fernandos Restaurant Novato, CA
if you want GREAT mexcian food, put this on your list of places to visit. Great food, great options and the margaritas... oh boy! Lets just put it this way, go somewhere else and pay for flavored water called a margarita ... go here and get your monies worth!
The Hilltop Cafe Novato, CA
nice view by all means, food can be good but has its days of being not so good. Portions are small and a bit over priced but for a night out with the new girlfriend... it will hit the spot.
Taqueria Los Gallos Newark, CA
go here for a burrito! They are just fab! <br> This is not low grade fast food drive thru mexican food, it is the real thing and it is worth every penny!
China Chili Restaurant Fremont, CA
this is GREAT food but as said above it is a bit exspensive. These are not 1 person small servings, there is food to go around for the price so I would say it is worth it. <br> Great staff, great food, high priced but well worth it. Give it a try.
The Shuttle Cocktail Lounge Union City, CA
avoid this place at all costs... it is in a not so hot area and it is a dump. Who knows what you will get with your 7.00 beer! drinker beware.
Fudruckers Union City, CA
I have had better... the service is number 1 on the list of BAD! Bounce around the bay area, you will find many better places, there is a place in Moutain View but I cant remember the name it has been so long since i have been there.
Clark's Charcoal Broiler Mountain View, CA
best burger in town, I would suggest it to anyone! I mentioned it in another post but did not remember the name. I would go here for lunch when I worked at Lincoln down the road... go, get a burger ... you will love it!
Toon's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor Daly City, CA
oldie but a goodie... not really the place to take your girlfriend or anything like that, it is more of a kids place but the ice cream is good.