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Sahari Sunnyvale, CA
Service is very personal and friendly. Aske about any specials since not everything is on the menu, and at times things on the menu are not always availaable
Cook's Seafood Menlo Park, CA
It is great.There is a fish market where you may buy fresh fish by the pound and then they had enough sense to go out and buy a deep fryer and see what happens.What happened is the best fish and chips in the world all cooked to perfection and served in a decidedly low key and casual style
Emperor's Choice Chicago, IL
Busy, frenetic Chinatown restaurant; food prepasred with care. entrees excellent from the routine almond chicken to specialties demanding an acquired taste.
Shiroi Hana Restaurant Chicago, IL
The waitstaff use very litle words, but are very friendly and attentive. The sushi itself is great. They are very fresh, and the appetizers and entrees are also very well done. The best part however are the prices! There is a $7.95 sushi special that comes with at least 8 kinds of sushi, 2 kinds of rolls, miso soup, and even a little tootsie roll for dessert. Sweet, huh?
Udupi Palace Chicago, IL
100 percent vegetarian, very spicy, and completely delicious. Don't miss the masala dosa, a giant rice crepe with a potato-onion filling, which comes with great sauces for dipping. The samosas and rasam are also excellent.
Sent Sovi Saratoga, CA
This is the best restaurant I have ever visited. It's 5 stars in all aspects: decor, service, food, everything (excluding the wine list, which I can't comment since I don't drink). Sent Sovi's menu has two sides: prix-fixe (with or without wines) and a la carte. Since my friend and I weren't hungry enough for the prix-fixe dinner, we made our selection from the a la carte menu. While deciding what to order, a "pre-appetizer" puff pastry with avocado and cranberry cream was served. We ended up ordering a peasant risotto appetizer, and my friend ordered a pork loin and I ordered a steak. When the appetizer was served, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the chef has splitted the portion in halves and put them on separate plates for us. Then dinner was served and the tastes was marvelous. I can't comment on my friend's pork loin since he refused to let me have more than one bite, but my steak was tastefully done. It's pink but not red or black (yes I'm weird; I like medium-well steak), and it's small enough (probably 3-4 oz?) for me to finish. The accompanying vegetables were delicious too. It's just the perfect steak dish that I've always dreamed of but never have got from other restaurants. Afterwards my friend ordered a warm chocolate tart which was second only to the belgian chocolate cake served in another Fremont restaurant
Chantilly Palo Alto, CA
The fares are quite reasonable for quality and ambiance of this magnitude. I like the warm, fresh bread that is brought around throughout the meal. The Cr麥e-Brul馥 is exquisite. Definitely the place to go if you want to spend a little more to get a lot more; very classy.
Carpaccio Menlo Park, CA
There are many, many better Italian retaurants in the area to go to (see Gambardella's!) in this area. The service was nothing to write home about and neither was the food. Very bland and the lasanga was simply bad. The decor is fairly nice but atmosphere does little to offset mediocre food.
Cafe Pro Bono Palo Alto, CA
I ordered fettucine with shrimp. The salad that came with it was excellent, and the shrimp where so enormous I had to cut each like a steak, but otherwise it seemed overrated. I much prefer Palermos on University Avenue, though I don't know if it is fair to compare the two since they are different regions.
California Cafe Palo Alto, CA
I go there becuase it is simply the best butcher/deli in the South Bay area. The quality of the meats they sell is absolutely outstanding. I have bought and grilled all of the following and have always been impressed:
Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Food quality has always ranged from good to fantastic. A full on dinner with drinks, appetizers , main course, dessert, a bottle of medium priced usually costs $65 per person. It' not cheap, especially if you and your date are crammed into a small bistro table on the bar side. You feel a little more indulged if you get the back raised booth in the hotel lobby section. You'll need six in your party to qualify for that location. Ask your server for for the freshest fish and you'll get a great meal. Seasonal app
The Flying Saucer San Francisco, CA
Awesome food, great funky ambience. The chefs are modern artists, every plate is a creation to behold. When you order an entree, the plate comes decorated with serveral salads, vegetables, etc. each with their own distinct flavor We have taken many people to this restaurant and they love it. I know of one person who had a problem with service, but we have always found the wait staff to be most gracious. Make reservations!
Ebisu Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This is the best Sushi restaurant I ever had. I have been a long time customer after I found it. Their are lots of fresh fish to choose from every time I visted. Some seasonal specials are also impressive if you wouldn't mind trying something new,
Higashi-West Palo Alto, CA
Ne of the most creative restaurants I ever went. I'm still exploring after my forth visit. Dishes I recommend: higashi west roll for sure is the most unique one, yaki udon, oyster shooter, pork chop, palo alto roll, spider roll, and, don't forget the original sashimi if you are a fish lover. Save some space for its sake cream brulee, or chocolate tart, they are great!
Maddalena's Palo Alto, CA
Very good food, good service. Though the dining area is small, you don't feel really crowded. We were able to have a leisurely meal and relax (on a Monday night). The recommended wine was good also.
Osteria Palo Alto, CA
A reasonably priced, unexceptional italian restaurant. My friend tried to convert me (It's his favorite, my favorite italian restaurant is Palermos). I thought that the atmosphere was uninspirational and my food was so heavy with butter that I didn't feel like eatting again for an entire day.
Cafe Pro Bono Palo Alto, CA
Overall this goes on my list (the good one). Entrees of filet mignon (with cabernet & peppercorn sauce) and the ravioli "Susans Downfall" (with a hardy Parmesan & other goodies sauce) were both excellent and well presented. Dessert a bit dissapointing, but the service was generally prompt and friendly. Less expensive than I thought. This had been described as "Italian" to me, but it is more accurately "Continental".
California Cafe Palo Alto, CA
The food was excellent, but our waiter seemed to be slow. For a really memorable meal get the cheese plate for dessert, whew that's some stinky cheese. :) The Tiramisu was excellent.
Jing Jing Szechwan Hunan Gourmet Palo Alto, CA
Food is MUCH better during the week when they aren't so crowded. If tongue-burnign is not your alley, you ABSOLUTELY MUST try their sliced chicken in black bean suace and the Walnut Prawns special. EXCELLENT!!!
Rangoon Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
The food is really good. I'm a vegetarian and usually go for the Kala Hin which is exquisite. I think the only negative at the restaurant is that it is kind of small so, its not that conducive to provate conversations and, sometimes, the wait can be long.
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