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Waldo's Barbeque Mesa, AZ
$9.99 for nightly special of ribs and pulled pork with 2 sides! Can't beat that!! We also tried the corn chowder this time - which was really good! Big beers for $5 - we love this place!
Blue Goose Cantina Dallas, TX
Our very good friend suggested this place - we hear that on Sunday all the choppers show up! Wish we could be there for that! But we went for lunch on a Thursday - you can tell right away that this place is popular with the locals. For good reason! I had the beef burrito - which was awesome! And we also had the fajita style wrap - with chicken - it was so tender and very flavorful! ONE of us was able to have a margarita - and he said it was very good!!! We'll be sure to go back whenever we are in the area!
Toojays Boca Raton, FL
Went for the first time yesterday - service was good and friendly. A good friend of mine frequents this location and has nothing but high praise for the staff and food. We went for lunch. Everything was fresh and very good. I had the hot pastrami sandwich which is reasonably priced and was very good. The pickles were outstanding!
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Boynton Beach, FL
We love this place! The salad with a side of blue cheese is terrific! We get a pizza with pepperoni and mushroom and it's always done perfectly.
Hoagie's Pizza & Pasta Newport, VT
Family owned and operated. Consistent. Pizza is good - try a bacon and chicken with a side of ranch dressing! They put full slices of bacon on the pizza. Crust is very good - not greasy.
Nectar's Restaurant & Lounge Burlington, VT
All I ever heard about was gravy fries... you have to try the gravy fries...
East Side Restaurant Newport, VT
Went for drinks - bartender was friendly/funny/very sociable and helpful. Popular place with locals. Nice deck seating with water views - so summer months this is the place to hang! Family owned and operated.
Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana New Haven, CT
Went for lunch - had the popular white clam pizza. Flavorful! Better really like clams if you order this pizza! We liked it. Would order a more traditional pizza with sauce and pepperoni next time.
Pat's King of Steaks Philadelphia, PA
Did the taste test of Pat's vs. Gino's. Pat's was bigger with more meat and very tasty. Got it with American cheese, mushrooms and peppers - added salt and pepper and it was perfect! Nice pepper selection too. Across the street at Gino's the line was long but the cheese steak was smaller. Ordered that one with Wiz wit but Pat's was still better.
Odie's Restaurant & Barbeque Branson, MO
The pulled chicken sandwich was good. Had it with green beans. Service was friendly and fast.
Great Basin Brewing Co Sparks, NV
Great beer! Tried several different ones - seems you can't go wrong. Had a 3 time gold medal winner at GABF that's flavored with Jalapeno's - whew and an unfiltered wheat. Very good! Their fish and chips is very popular and for good reason. Service was very good and friendly.
Fidel's Solana Beach, CA
The fajitas are not served on a sizzling platter - the way we like... but the flavor wasn't bad. Service was good. Margaritas were also good. It's a cool restaurant with a patio bar. The chicken burrito looked good and is a favorite of one of our dining companions who is a regular and swears by this place.
Surf & Saddle Solana Beach, CA
They're still going strong at the Surf & Saddle! Cool, local bar.
Pizza Port / Solana Beach Brewery Solana Beach, CA
Great pizza, great beer & great service! Be sure to check for nightly specials.
Beaver Street Brewery Flagstaff, AZ
Still good. Had a great Belgium beer! Had the special burger and it was cooked just right and really juicy.
Johnny Tamale Pasadena, TX
Very good! Green dipping sauce for chips is really good. Went to the Sam Houston Pkwy location. Had the El Dorado Style chicken - and loved it!
Montgomery Brewing Co & Cafe Montgomery, AL
They are re-orgaizing - didn't have any of their own beer on tap when we went in Feb 09. If we come back through some time we will stop and check it out again.
Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House Savannah, GA
We ate here in February 2009 - the lines weren't as bad - only had a 5 - 10 minute wait. the fried chicken is outstanding! The meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy was really good too. Loved the non-greasy, crispy, flavorful fried chicken - some of the best we've had. Nice group seating atmosphere - it's nice to chat with so many different people from different places. Very enhoyable.
Boynton Beach Ale House & Raw Bar Boynton Beach, FL
They have good fajitas too! Great, affordable lunch specials.
Lengthwise Brewing Company Bakersfield, CA
Really good beer & they sell coffee too!! We had the best Tri-tip sandwich!
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