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Restaurant Name City
Chinatown Stoughton, MA
The restaurant is very clean and you can see the chefs cooking through a glass wall. Theyhave call ahead seating so I called ahead to ask for a table forfour. The woman who answered the phone at the restaurant toldme to come, there was no wait to be seated. We arrived at the restaurant45 minutes later (it was snowing) and they told us that they wereclosing early and weren't seating any more parties. There were people still eating dinner and yet they would not seat us.
Szechuan Taste & Thai Cafe Amesbury, MA
This place is just average, I am puzzeledas to why it is quite popular. A look around the restaurant, andlistening to what was being ordered told me most of their customersare less than adventurous. Sweet and sour chicken or shrimp wason each table near me as well as the usual egg rolls and wonton soup.When the customers are in a rut of ordering the same things allthe time I can't see how the kitchen won't get in a rut too.
Chung King Billerica, MA
Their pupu-platters are excellent and they offer a wide selection of alternative dishes. Szechuan Taste owns several restaurants by the same name. Both of their locations in Amesbury and Pleasant Street in Newburyport are excellent!
Golden Panda Restaurant North Attleboro, MA
The menu is consist of Chinese, Thai, and Grill specialties. We found that in addition to the usual pu pu platter they have other unique items...wetried their Scallop Chiseyaki and Calamari Bravo (both of which I havenever seen before but tasted great). The entrees all have gorgeouspresentation and tasted so fresh! My personal favorites are Plum Duckand Garlic Steamed Shrimp...greatflavor and texture. My friend triedthe Sirloin Steak Teriyaki and was surprised that an Asian restaurant could prepare steaks so well!
Carl's Diner Oxford, MA
Samplersare an excellent way to determine which brews match your palate;for those liking heavier beer the Bear Claw Porter is superb. Not to be confused with fine dining,
The Flume Mashpee, MA
I ever had the portions were out of thisworld i remember my first time there the server said if we lefthungry it was our own fault if we finished our 4 eggs, 10 sausage we paid 5.50 which included our drinks
Boulevard Diner Worcester, MA
Redecorated with a pleasant and homeystyle, you feel comfortable sitting and dining for hours. Thewine list is fantastic. I remember there being more than 20 winesby the glass. Wine by the glass was very reasonable and the chefeven made his recommendations right on the menu. Coctails wereample in size and well prepared. The Food was magnificent. Thepork osso bucco was so tender you didn't need a knife and itwas so clear that the vegetables were fresh that day. My diningcompanion's seafood fra diavolo was killer, chunks of Lobster and just spicy enough.
Durgin-Park Boston, MA
At closing time it'sstanding room only as everybody who want's to be anybody stopshere before finishing the evening. Listed with the historicalsociety this actual "diner" is a monument to history while you meet the hot crowd and get a good meal to boot
Joe's American Bar & Grille Peabody, MA
He crab cakes were beautifully arranged on a bed of greens with a wonderful roasted tomato coulis. The pair was prepared to a wonderful golden brown and was of a generous proportion almost too large to be an appetizer. They were very flavorful, but not nearly as spicy as the Maryland versions I am used to. They are very mildly flavored and allowed the flavor of the crab to shine through and take center stage.My Mediterranean salad arrived afew minutes after I had finishedmy last bite of crab cakes. The salad was arranged separatingthe romaine and arugula tossed in a Greek dressing with roastedred peppers, olives, onions, feta, artichokes, humus, and homemadegrilled flat bread. The presentation was very pleasing to the eye and allowed for me to decide which ways I wanted to eat it. The humus was very flavorful and a nice combination to go with the flavor of peppers and artichoke.
Great Bay Boston, MA
Everything is so delicious. he crabcakes are awesome! My fiance loves the hot spinach and cheese dip appetizer. The portions are generous and the foodis great. Plus they give a hot fresh loaf of bread with every meal.
Pleasant Cafe Roslindale, MA
Upscale establishment with a boggling waitor staff in the sense that anything at all you asked they had a answer for an one that was the right one. great portion although it is a pricey but that is to be expected. If you are a wine buff as myself well you will not fall in dissapointment, although I did go for the basic Opus One but at that not a wine to be found on many menues
Deerfield Inn Deerfield, MA
Awesome onion rings, awesome veal cutletsandwiches....delicious fishermens platter...excellentprime-rib.Never disappointed!Not expensive at all.I use to live in Hyde Park and would go every Friday night.
Harding Allen Estate Barre, MA
New England charm. It is a destinationfor special occasions and romantic evenings. Furthermore, it's one of the few places in the Pioneer Valley to which ajacket and tie should be worn. The food is superb when the chef de cuisine applies himself. Ay, there's the rub--consistency seems to be a problem. On off nights, the high prices defy justification.
Carmen's Mexican & American Abington, MA
But the realattraction is the gorgeous setting. I am not sure when they areopen as a bed and breakfast, since they are regularly booked forweddings. The grounds are beautiful, and large parties are accomodated in a very elaborate tent aside an English garden.
Look Restaurant Leeds, MA
The service is extremely good, the staffis prompt and have great personalities. I go there quite a bit and have never been disappointed.
Dockside Restaurant South Hadley, MA
Just stop by any weekend and see the line of people waiting to enjoy the hearty, home-cooked, made-from-scratch country breakfasts. The lunches aren't bad either. The owner, Mike Cronin, can be found at the grill or in the kitchen (or eating!) at any given time. Situated adjacent to beautiful Look Park, the eponymous restaurant is very informal and homey.
New Boston Inn Sandisfield, MA
Had the ancient Inne recipe of Pot Roast. It was melt in my mouth tender. I didn't even need a knife. The accompaning vegetables were perfectly prepared. I used the bread to sop up every drop of thewonderful gravy which was rich and fragrant. A delightful entree.Our desert sas an extermely decadent chocolate cake that will bring out the choco-holic in all of us.
Dan'l Webster Inn Sandwich, MA
Breakfasts are made for you to order and the pancakes are light and tasty. good bacon--thick, and the coffee just keeps on coming. teas are a specialty as well.dinners are lovely. the fireplace is kept roaring (in season, of course) and the waitstaff and owners are friendly. they willaccommodate whatever your needs are. menus change seasonallyand sometimes good additions are made at the whim of the (very good) chef.
The Brick Co. Grille Boston, MA
The owner runs afantastic operation and makes you feel like one of the family.This is the last of a dying breed of home-style resteraunts. Thehot dogs are absolutey fantastic and they bring back memories of summer days, baseball, and a good old hot dog. I
Bubs Bbq Sunderland, MA
The ribs, catfish, and other entrees are superb. The endless list of side dishes and appetizers are wonderful compliments. The bar has an impressive beer selection which is great for the college student