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Restaurant Name City
Leonardo's Pizza Peoria, IL
An extremely casual family dining atmosphere, which is very welcoming and inviting! The menu is loaded with flavorful Italian dishes. The pizza is some of the best offered in the area. Their homemade sweet bread is divine!!! Beer and wine are on the menu and live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Leonardos has been a long standing Peoria tradition for years and I hope they continue to serve up tasty dishes for years to come!!
Penguin Tap Peoria, IL
The Penguin has been producing quality pizza for YEARS in this area. The rest of the menu is basically glorified bar food - ie. greasy deep fried foods. The bar area IS completely separate from the dining room, which helps with loudness (it can get rather rowdy in the bar sometimes, but what can you expect.. it's a bar?!) Their fried chicken is greasy, but very good tasting! They offer later serving hours and obviously, a full service bar.
Butler's Chicken & Stuff Peoria, IL
Butler's Chicken and Stuff offers chicken and well, duh.. stuff! They have a large variety of hot sandwiches and fried foods. Their chicken is crispy and rather delicious. Butler's isn't quite fast food, but it's also not quite a true restaurant, as they don't bring the food to your table -- you order from a counter and bus your own trays. Paper napkins and paper plates - no fine china or pomp, but VERY good homestyle food!
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