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Restaurant Name City
Jim's Family Restaurant Peoria, IL
This is actually in Bartonville, not Peoria. The big focus here is breakfast, as the place closes at 2 pm. It's open early (5am) and serves breakfast and lunch. Decent food - nothing spectacular, but a limited menu with cheap prices.
Old Chicago Peoria, IL
Not just pizza, but incredible pasta dishes and calzones, too! 110 beers on the menu.. meow! Domestic, import and microbrew beers.. you'll think you've died and gone to beer heaven. Their cheesecake is out of this world! Excellent staffing at this location and convenient parking. Yay!
Schooner's Bloomington, IL
Tenderloins the size of hubcaps and the BEST homemade onion rings in the world! During the summer, dine outside in the beer garden for a fun experience!
Hammer's Bar & Restaurant Peoria, IL
Bartonville's one saving grace.. Hammer's homemade pizza! It's thick, it's cheesy, and it's delicious! A very casual atmosphere with good food at good prices! Two thumbs up!
La Fiesta Bar & Grill Morton, IL
Very good mexican fare! Goat cheese nachos - need I say more?! I've yet to have a bad meal here! Attentive servers and a casual atmosphere! Bravo, La Fiesta.
Ruby Tuesday's Morton, IL
Ruby's always lures me into the door with their salad bar and deep-fried onion sticks! Great service and convenient location. Good job!
Panera Bread Company Peoria, IL
I've been to the St Louis version of this national chain (St Louis Bread Company) and find the prices in StLou to be MUCH higher. I don't find the sandwiches offered at Panera to be anything special and too over-priced... it's the bread(s) and dessert(s) that keep me coming back time and time again. If you crave carbs, head to Panera!
Haddad's Restaurant Peoria, IL
I'm not a fan of the location of this place, but I do like the food! Tony and his staff will go out of their way to make sure you get plenty to eat. Take home some of their pita chips and you'll be a happy camper!
Jo's Java and Ice Cream Peoria, IL
Great service and a great variety of treats on the menu. I'd drive MILES to get a cup of their latte!
Bogie's Bar & Grill Peoria, IL
I wasn't impressed here! Over priced bar style food served on real plates.. don't insult me like that! If you want a $8.00 cheeseburger, head to a REAL restaurant.
Prime Quarter Steakhouse Princeton, IL
The famous "grill your own" concept. Tasty steaks, huge salad bar, and a very attentive staff. Weekends are BUSY, so be prepared to wait to get in. You won't walk away hungry!
Cracker Barrell Morton, IL
Big portions and reasonable prices! Kitschy country atmosphere and a gift shop.. who could want anything more?! Their fried apples are delicious!
Trattoria Fantini Rockford, IL
I've had better Chef Boyardee right out of the can. I wasn't impressed at all. Slow service and high prices. Eeek!
Kenyon's Place Lacon, IL
If you like to walk away satisfied.. Kenyon's is THE place for you. The best walleye in central IL. Would you expect anything less from a River town?!
Culver's Peoria, IL
Long live the "butter burger" -- Culvers famous twist to any burger (all burgers are served on a toasted, buttered bun!) Quality, fresh food in a clean, friendly, quick-service family atmosphere. The frozen custard is awesome - try "Concrete" which is 3 scoops of frozen french vanilla custard topped with your choice of fresh fruit or toppings (caramel, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, etc) It's so thick you can barely get your spoon into the mixture. Two Thumbs Up! AAA+++
Burger Barge East Peoria, IL
This casual (very casual -- you can wear a bathing suit to dine in) joint is located directly on the Illinois River. You can either dine in (either inside the smokey, loud, greasy bar area.. or sit nestled on the patio which overlooks the IL River) or choose carry out. They even accept orders via CB radio and cell phones for boaters who wish to dock and pick up to-go sacks. From the outside, it looks like a rough and weathered shack. The interior, though, is tidy, with fishing nets and other seafaring accouterments fighting for space among the jukebox, video games, scattered tables and long bar, with a low-slung drop ceiling hovering overhead. It's cozy, in a helter-skelter kind of way. (Okay, it IS a shack!) The menu offers a wide variety (even salads). The best of the lot is the seafood - all of it fried and tasty. You can order different dishes separately, but I suggest The Bait Bucket, a plastic gallon bucket filled with all sorts of tasty fried treasures, all mixed together. We loved the oysters, the cheese sticks (actually cheese blobs, but no matter), the clams and the homemade potato chips. The shrimp and the chicken strips are pretty flavorful, and the fries and the onion rings aren't bad. There is also some sort of nacho-pizza conglomeration called the "chipizza." Good food - but remember, it's BAR food. But good and the waitstaff is friendly. (some even wear bikini's - meow!)
Donnelly's Shamrock Pub Peoria, IL
Casual and comfortable atmosphere! This could be quite possibly the best place in downstate IL to enjoy true Irish Sausage. Menu includes a variety of foods - sandwiches, burgers, chicken, pasta, and pizza. Full service bar and catering service(s) available. Extremely attentive staff. Bravo!
Gateway to India Peoria, IL
A daily lunch buffet which features Tandoori Chicken, Naans, various meat curries, beef, lamb, or goat, and a large selection of vegetarian entrees such as mattar paneer, kabli channa, subzi jalfrazie, punjabi kadhi, saag, aloo korma. They can prepare any item as hot as you like. Contrary to popular belief, Indian food is not and does not have to be spicy or fiercely hot to be enjoyed. Gateway to India is closed on Tuesdays. Daily Lunch Buffet (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday) 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Dinner (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday) 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Brunch 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Fully stocked bar with wine. Catering and large group service is available.
Carlos O'Kelly's Peoria, IL
I get the biggest kick out of diner's who get excited over a Mexican style restaurant putting out free salsa and dried tortilla chips on the table.. hello! that's STANDARD at any sit down Mexican restaurant. I've yet to be woo'd by Carlos O' Kelly's - there's nothing spectacular or breaktaking here. It's the usual corportate Mexican restaurant franchise that's put an American spin on Mexican style food. They could impress me if they used less ground beef in their entrees and more pulled beef, like REAL Mexican recipes call for. The facilies never look to be overly clean, but that's the result of hiring teenagers to run a restaurant. Two thumbs down!
Fairview Farms Restaurant Peoria, IL
Cozy, small atmosphere that offers up superior family style dining. The portions are served family style (ie. one big bowl of potatoes will be served for EVERYONE dining at your table, not individual portions, etc) The food is extremely good. Banquet facilities and catering services are offered. You simply must try the corn fritters and the swiss steak! Both are quite delicious!!
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