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Restaurant Name City
Frog & the Peach New Brunswick, NJ
A bit pricy, and I found the staff to be a bit snobby. The food was outrageous. All in all, Better than most places.
Takitos Mexican Restaurant Bound Brook, NJ
The food is pretty good, and the staff is really nice. Kind of a hole in the wall place, but definitely a great find.
George's Station Restaurant Bound Brook, NJ
Didn't live up to what I had heard. Food is okay, nothing bad, just nothing out of the ordinary. Staff is decent. Location is great, though. Very easy to get to (by car or train), and nice for a small night out.
Olympic Gyros Bridgewater, NJ
Food is really good for a food court in a mall. Not too busy, and definitely quick cooking. Worth it to stop by for a quick bite while shopping.
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Bridgewater, NJ
Steaks are phenomenal, as our most of the entrees. Staff is courteous, and atmosphere really works. Tends to get really busy on weekend nights, expect a wait for a table.
Max Buffet Dunellen, NJ
Food didn't seem all that fresh. Alot to offer... but quality is better than quantity. Not horrible, not great.
Nick's Pizza Kitchen Lebanon, NJ
Worst pizza I've ever had. Counter staff is rude, and items can get a bit pricey. I really didn't like this at all.
Carpaccio Restaurant Middlesex, NJ
Great italian food. The alfredo sauce is to die for. Staff is attentive, and atmosphere is very classy. Very Nice
Adam's Cafe Gourmet Food Middlesex, NJ
Very nice place to eat. Hip, yet still refined. The food is very good, and the prices are worth it. The staff is friendly. A very enjoyable dining experience.
Pizza & Pasta Manville, NJ
All in all, not bad. Good pizza, good pasta, not so great garlic bread. Staff is friendly and know the menu well.
Oldwick General Store Oldwick, NJ
Staff is mostly college kids who seem like they don't care. Waited for a long time to get food, and it wasn't anything to write home about. Could have been much much better.
Giovanna's Restaurant Plainfield, NJ
Decor stuck in the 80's, but other than that pretty good. Seafood is very good, as are the drinks. Staff is friendly and genuine. I'd go back again.
Ferraro's of Somerville Somerville, NJ
Definitely worth the money. I enjoyed it very much and would love to go back again. Staff, Locale, Entrees are all top notch
Sunset Diner Dunellen, NJ
Not really good at all. The food is really not as good as some of the other diners in the area. The staff is usually cranky and mean. They charge a 2 dollar sitting fee if you just feel like having coffee.
Texas Weiner II Dunellen, NJ
Great greasey spoon. Most of the food is really great for bachelors and other men alike... I'm not sure how women feel about it though... it's definitely more of a guy place to eat.
Alfonso's Pizzeria Somerville, NJ
Food is excellent. Pasta and pizza are both extremely good. Dining area is very clean and looks great. Definitely a good place to go.
Applebees Grill and Bar Bridgewater, NJ
It's you regular neighborhood Applebees... nights get very busy and the customers tend to be kids. Very loud, and some of the staff are not very nice. Good for take out though, if you're in the area.
Time To Eat Diner Bridgewater, NJ
Best diner in New Jersey. Great food, Great Staff, Great area. Fair prices as well. Great place to become of regular.
Bazooka's Corp Bridgewater, NJ
Very Loud and Very annoying. Usually packed by sports fans. Food is what you'd expect. Great for a night drinking and watching football or wrestling. Usually hosts PPV events with a 5 dollar cover charge.
Sarku Japan Bridgewater Foods Bridgewater, NJ
Pretty good, and quick. Offers free samples when you walk by. Definitely filling and definitely cheap. Great for Mall Workers.