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Yard House Roseville, CA
Nice place with a large, varied menu with something for everyone. Bigogi appetizer is exceptional, but they do keep changing up their menu frequently. Fish tacos are great. Hard to tie down their type of food......they cover a bunch of stuff........try it, it's a great place. Parking can be tough at prime time.
High Hand Cafe Loomis, CA
Prices reflect lunch....dinner a bit more. Exceptional place. Greenhouse construction, adjacent to the High Hand Nursery. EVERYTING I've tried is above average in flavor and quality. Excellent service with ample parking. Reservations are a MUST..........too poplular, even with relatively high prices! They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. A perfect 'special occasion' place.
Taylors Loomis, CA
Small hamburger joint. Very popular and good food. The burgers have a real good taste....guess a lot like grilled at home! Drinks are very good too. Their 'associate' shop is a trailer set up down the road a mile or so. A real treat to get their food.
River Rock Inc. Roseville, CA
This place is long gone...........tough spot to succeed.
The Town Lounge Roseville, CA
This place is gone! Quite a few places have tried this location and haven't made it.........must be jinxed...........
Texas West Bar-B-Cue Roseville, CA
This placed closed down about a year ago and was replaced by the Peg's which is an outstanding breakfast place.
Peg's Glorified Eggs and Ham Roseville, CA
Hard to define this place. They specialize in Hawaiian, but also have Mexican influence too! Loco moco, tamale and eggs, chili over rice w'eggs, plus grits on the side. Big menu with so many interesting selections! I've tried about 7 items and they've all been super. It will be a steady stop for us since it's so good.
Nubbins Drive In Roseville, CA
A little drive in adjacent to an empty lot on Washington. Food pretty good, especially the fries and liquid stuff like shakes......real homemade flavors. Burgers are ok, but if they worked just a little harder on customer service they'd double their business.
High Steak House in Thunder Valley Casino Lincoln, CA
This is a first class place. Have eaten here about 6 times and their food, ambiance and service is excellent. Especially like their halibut (seasonal). Their sides are really good (and ample). They do seem pricey, but they do give you lots and the quality is great. It's often crowded, even at high prices, but that's because it's worth it! Things are ala carte. Great special occassion restaurant.
Tahoe Joe's Roseville, CA
They've got some variations on the normal, like they have shrimp that is tempura, but is sweet and crunchy and good. Much of their stuff is wood grilled....and their decor is woodsy and comfortable like their name suggests. Their food and service is above average in taste and quality, although it can get busy at peak times was worse before the recession. What they have that sets them apart is they have a family takeout menu that is a real value. You can get a great inexpensive meal for 4-5 that includes grilled chicken and ribs. and you won't be left hungry. you can order for 30 if you need. ya gotta try it . take a look online, you will be impressed.
Zakuro's Lincoln, CA
A decent restaurant out where you don't expect to find many Japanese places. They do certain things very well, like their gyoza and suishi. They do have a suishi bar for those so inclined. They also have outside, shaded seating for those nice evenings. You might want to try their unique Zakuro spaghetti (with seafood). It's actually very good (slightly spicey). We usually stay with their reliable teriyaki dishes and sashimi tuna. It's really consistently good although they can get busy and then it can get a little slow. We're regulars so we don't mind.
pizza guys Lincoln, CA
I usually don't review 'fast food', but for locals I think it'd be nice if they knew that this place exists. It's hidden behind Raley's and it has superior pizza for the price! It's about 25% cheaper than most and is really very tasty pizza. They also give away free 2 liters of soda or ice cream with orders over $15! One of the things they do well is wings. We order the bone-in wings and they're very good. What a should try it.
Casa Ramos Lincoln, CA
Eaten here about 3 times a month. It was a family style restaurant before so, its decor is also mostly booths. Open for lunch and dinner. It's convenient and the food and service is very consistently good. Plenty of parking, since it's next to a Wells Fargo Bank. Relleno is excellent. Their chili verde is also excellent. We like to buy yummy shredded beef tamales ala carte for eating later.
Carmelita's Roseville, CA
An excellent restaurant. Great rellenos, enchiladas and guac. Maybe a little pricier than most Mexican places, but it's worth it. Old little place on a busy street, with only curbside parking. Will become one of your favorites if you try it.
Boxing Donkey Roseville, CA
This place is more a pub than a restaurant, although they do an extensive menu. Dark, and minimally comfortable seating. They don't put that much effort into their food. Fish and chips were good due to the good batter, but the 'chips' were only adequate. Fish tacos were pretty simple, but reasonably tasty, due to the battered cod. Their corned beef sandwich is good though, as it should be.
Awful Annie's Lincoln, CA
I think this place has improved since it opened. The food is above average, but then, so is the price. Cozy decor with good service. Parking is lousy, especially at 'prime', get here early. Price reflects breakfast and lunch. Eaten here quite a few times, but never for dinner.
Waffle Barn Lincoln, CA
Dropped the franchise and is now the "Waffle Farm"
Tugboat Fish & Chips Lincoln, CA
This place has improved over the years! Food is very good now days........used to be a bit greasy for me. They've enlarged their menu and even include sushi!!....and it's decent, considering it's a fish and chips shop!! I especially like their deepfried calamari, but then I'm partial to squid! They've enlarged the menu items and now you'll find something you really like! We eat(or take out) here at least once a month.
Rosati's Pizza Roseville, CA
The pizza is very good! The thin crust especially! They do both, thick and thin. They cut their pizza's up into little squares, which is actually kind of a pain, but it tastes really good! It's a bit oily.......but's pizza! They serve a whole bunch of stuff, like sandwiches and ribs. Their Italian beef sandwich is also good. I'll be trying many of their things in the future, but try it, you'll like it.
Suede Blue Roseville, CA
This place is in the old 'Carvers' building. Light formal decor. Good selection menu. Great service and excellent food. Meats are naturally, very tender and tasty....and cooked per order. 'Designed' dishes are tasty as well as pretty. I'd say this is a great 'special occassion' place since it's a bit pricey. We definitely will return many times
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