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Restaurant Name City
J R's the Place For Ribs Ocean City, MD
great place to go with friends and enjoy some ribs, beer, and good times. Very Friendly staff and clean atmosphere so you can take the family too.
Nick's Original House of Ribs Ocean City, MD
you can;t beat these ribs, biggest i've ever seen. As long as you don;t mind getting a little messy, you will have a great time here. The food is simply beyond comparison.
Tio Gringo's Ocean City, MD
overall not a bad place to eat. A little pricey but hey the food is good here. Can get busy which does increase the wait. I would really only eat here for lunch since there are so many better places to chose from in town for dinner.
Shenanigan's Irish Pub-Seafood Ocean City, MD
Great atmosphere, view of the beach. It's hard to find an irish restaruent let alone a good one. If you are in town you owe yourself this experience.
Phillips Seafood House Ocean City, MD
Love the darkened and intimate atmosphere. Impress a date at take them here. besides you have to eat seafood when you are at the beach and there is no better place. But be prepared to wait in line, this place is popular.
Wings to Go York, PA
you can't beat the sauce selection here. Excellent for take out. If you like hot wings you need to try these.
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Dallastown, PA
you have to love the atmosphere here. Tv's and alot of historical stuff on the walls, it's hard to run out of things to talk about. The food is always fantastic, the burgers are my favortie, they are so big.
Taco Bell Dallastown, PA
yeah, it's fats food but can you afford not to go here. Grande meal 10 tacos= 10 dollars, throw a party.
Famous Restaurant York, PA
excellent food and an even better price. You really can beat this place on terms of what you get for your money.
Fareway Pub At Heritage Hills York, PA
This place is professional level. Exceptional food with an atmosphere that will have you dreaming about going back. Very pricey but as soon as you step in you'll understand why.
Isaac's Restaurant & Deli West York, PA
not the best atmosphere, a little too crowded. The prices are high. But the food is good.
Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Dallastown, PA
The video screens and music are a great touch. Fantastic food in an all you can eat fashion. Great for social gatherings, the service is always fantastic.
Genova's Pizza and Restaurant York, PA
Great food with very pleasant service. A small restaurant with little wait to be seated. Very comfortable atmosphere and indivudual table lighting creates an intimate setting.
Al Dente York, PA
Fantastic food, you won't leave hungry. Dimmed lighting, appropriate table spacing, and the cozy wooden interior with exposed beams create an ultimate intimate setting which the service will preserve with few interuptions. If you like who your eating with, take them here.
First Wok Restaurant Dallastown, PA
A must try if you enjoy chinese food, i love the hot tea. Tucked away in a tiny strip mall is some of the best chinese cuisine in the county. Order entrees to save some cash, they are just as good as the dinners and large enough to feed 2. Very dim lighting and usually low patronage creates a very intimate setting, you'll probably think everyone has left. This restaurant is a personal favorite of mine. This place is notorious for having one employee do nothing but refill water, alot of the food is spicey hot so this is good. It's also kinda funny, just take one tiny sip and the water ninja will appear to refill.
Alberto's Pizza York, PA
Great Pizza. Some of the food you can find. A cozy little resaraunt, bring your buddys and have a good time.
Alberto's Pizza Dallastown, PA
Great Pizza. Some of the food you can find. A cozy little resaraunt, bring your buddys and have a good time.
Eat'n Park Restaurant York, PA
if you like buffets, this one is all quality. Great for families who still want to eat decent food.
Wonderful Garden Chinese Restaurant Dallastown, PA
this place looks great, a fantastic setting with alot of natural light. A must try for chinese food lovers.
Shangrila Chinese Restaurant York, PA
Great Chinese food. If you like chinese food you have to eat here. the prices are worth it.