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Restaurant Name City
New World Bistro Kansas City, MO
I tend to like bistros and this was no exception. The wait staff was excellent, very polite. The food was good and served quickly. I can see myself returning here for many other dinners.
Max's Autodiner Kansas City, MO
I love Max's autodiner. It's such a small little restaurant, but the food is classicaly good and fairly priced. They serve big portion burgers with pretty much whatever you could want on them.
Chipotle Mexican Grill Kansas City, MO
Mexican owned by McDonalds? Who would have thought. Needless to say, Chipotle is a pretty good lunch spot. Under five bucks for a burrito the size of a child. Plus, if you're of age they serve some fine cervezas. I try to stop off at chipotle at least once a month. Good stuff.
Joe's Pizza By the Slice Kansas City, MO
Great location for good tasting pizza. Also, dollar pizza on tuesdays and wednesdays. Enough said right there.
Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant Kansas City, MO
As a college student, buffet style eating becomes more and more a part of my eating regiment. Sweet Tomatoes is a great place to go if you are in the mood for a LOT of salad. the salda bar is simply amazing. On the other hand, the pasta, soup, and pizza section would rate only a fair with me. So sometimes when Chinese Buffet just sounds gross to me, I'll go and gorge myself at Sweet Tomatoes.
Chubby's Breakfast & Burgers Kansas City, MO
I cant rightfully give Chubby's a good review. While I tend to love greasy foods and diner style eating, one time i was served french fries with a pubic hair deep fried into one. I would like to give them more credit, but the place needs to be cleaned up.
Canyon Cafe Kansas City, MO
I dont know what is in the spread they serve to you with breadsticks, but I am hooked. I really like this restaurant. The wait can be long sometimes, and the service a bit slow, but for the price it is very good. I have had a variety of items from their menu and really enjoy all of them so far. I would highly recommend this restaurant to someone visiting KC.
Joe D's Wine Bar-Cafe Kansas City, MO
Joe D's is a great corner restaurant in brookside. Pretty much everyone who has been to brookside can attest to the friendly atmosphere. It doesnt matter who you are or where you're from, everyone just wants to talk to you there. Joe D's has a delicious variety of food that runs a bit on the pricey end, but all in all is worth the time and money. Check it out.
Corner Cafe Kansas City, MO
I am quite partial to the Corner Restaurant. My best friend and I will go here on a bi-weekly basis. It maintains a feeling of breakfast tradition while adding in some flavor of its own. With my usual trend for breakfast eating, i tend to get the exact same thing everywhere. Needless to say, the Corner does eggs just the way I like them. Highly recommend for a breakfast or brunch meeting place.
Jerusalem Cafe Kansas City, MO
I had never tasted any of these foods before eating at Jerusalem Cafe. Without a doubt, I am hooked. The Chicken Gyro has a beautiful flavor that everyone should try. I must also mention that every meal comes with a great salad with a huge hunk of goat cheese. Bonus points. Fan of mediteranian food? Stop by Jerusalem Cafe.
Outback Steakhouse Kansas City, MO
Everytiem i have been to Outback I have come out full and happy. Start things off with some french onion soup, then select one of the steaks on the menu. I had something with mushrooms and swiss. It was one of the best steaks I've had. My only complaint would be that they cooked it a bit well.
Outback Steakhouse Kansas City, MO
Everytime I have been to Outback I have come out full and happy. Start things off with some french onion soup, then select one of the steaks on the menu. I had something with mushrooms and swiss. It was one of the best steaks I've had. My only complaint would be that they cooked it a bit well.
Gojo Japanese Steak House Kansas City, MO
The atmosphere here was very fun and enjoyable. The food is decent, but i feel that you almost pay more for the show. I was taken here once for a birthday and will now try to make reservations for all of my other birthdays.
Hibachi Japanese Steak House Kansas City, MO
As far as Japanese food goes, Hibachi is not the most authentic, but having a cook at your table is an excellent feature. While it is a great spot to bring a date, the style of eating tends to drop you in on someone elses date as well. Might be a bit awkward, but people generally are friendly.
Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue Kansas City, MO
I went here for after-graduation with my class. I must say that I was underimpressed. Perhaps I have become a barbecue snob, but I felt that the meat that was served was too fatty and sort of dry. It is possible however that because we were a large group they had to leave everything out for slightly longer than they would have, but I will never know because I don't plan on trying them again.
Governor Stumpy's Bar & Grill Kansas City, MO
I may be biased because I only order the Reuben, but I love Govener Stumpy's. No how hard I try to set my mind against ordering that Reuben I just have to have it. It really is that good. From what I hear from my friends, the other sandwiches are also extremely tasty, but I doubt I will ever know. Go to Governer Stumpy's...try the Reuben.
Tanner's Bar & Grill Kansas City, MO
I like burger joints a lot. I like to go into a restaurant and see a huge side of the menu dedicated to different types of burgers and chicken sandwiches. Tanner's is a great spot for watching sports on TV while munching a huge burger with fries. My only complaint is that since it is a bar as well, if you're under 21 you must be accompanied by an adult.
Michael Forbes Grill Kansas City, MO
The atmosphere is great for a date. Try the steaks, they are outstanding, and served to your order perfectly. The wait staff is also extremely friendly and helpful. Good restaurant.
Jalepenos Mexican Restaurant Kansas City, MO
I love a good mexican place, and Jalepenos is right up that alley. It's a great neighborhood restaurant with quick service and spicy delicious foods. If you dont care for Mexican, try the Guacamole Burger, its amazing. Only complaint is that everyone knows how good this place is so it tends ot be pretty packed. Plan ahead!
Mr Goodcents Subs and Pasta Kansas City, MO
Mr. Goodcents has so many great memories for me. I remember biking up to brookside to buy a turkey and bologna sub. I am very partial to Mr. Goodcents as opposed to Subway because the meat and bread seems much more fresh. The prices are very fair, so it makes for a perfect spot to grab a tasty lunch.