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Tuscarora Mill Restaurant Leesburg, VA
The difficulty begins when outstanding and mundane are encountered at the same table. OK, the red and green pepper blinis were tasty, but four silver dollar sized pancakes on a bare plate with a speck of goat cheese, for $8.00 was pushing the envelope. The swordfish steak was worthy of five stars, one of the featured specials it was nicely presented and rated very good; the Portuguese fish stew and pasta was a three star venture, tasty but a trifle watery; the beef medallions were tough and the accompanying cheese purses might have been well reviewed for the Macaroni Grill. The deserts, coming we are told from “downstairs” where the bread came from, offered a nice variety. We decided to eat early for a Sunday night, to beat the rush…if it had not been for the attentive staff, the delicious homemade bread, and the outstanding and mellowing bar service, the 53 minute wait for the main course would have been more difficult to endure.
La Fleur De Lis Lovettsville, VA
When it comes to giving out five stars, I am not so trusting of other gourmets' opinions.But given the prvious reviews, I was willing to commit. AND I was NOT disapointed in any way. A little more intimate than the Auberge Chez Francois but the staff really does try to make for an enjoyable evening. Only draw back of a small dining room is that if there is another party enjoying themselves (and there was)you tend to share willy nilly all of their jokes and endure the laughter. The food was carefully prepared and delicious. A small glitch in communications resulted in an overcooked filet which the hostess immediately offered to replace. It was still melt in mouth tender. There are so many goodies on the "specials" list which the hostess recites patiently from appetizers to entrees to deserts that I frankly had difficulty remembering what was offered after reading the menu. Perhaps a small printed card would help those of us trying to resist ordering one of each. French restauants have a long tradition of using an "ardoise" (slate). We tried the soufle and decided that that was the only disappointing item of the evening. Those of us who stuck to the deserts came out ahead, I think. Yes this is definetly going to become a favorite. <br> <br>
Blue Oasis Cafe Great Falls, VA
Serendipity, love and passion, each or all contribute to the charm of this little restaurant (aptly named Oasis)nestled in a mini-mall off Colvin Run. The owner/Chef steeped in the finer(est) art of Southern Cuisine married another experienced restaurant owner originally from Morocco. The result – when pecan meets pistachio – is a delightful symphony of taste and color where delicate flavors and spices meet our traditional American staples. Even a lowly pastrami sandwich has a flavor that Nathan’s would never recognize. Lunch and diner menus offer limited selections relying on the Chef’s creativity and market availabilities. The friendly staff or the owner will be glad to make recommendations. And be sure to leave room for those homemade deserts and pies. Décor is tasteful with strong influence of the sun and bougainvilleas of the Mediterranean coast. A delightful dining experience, and quiet meeting place, to be repeated over and over. Perhaps little to interest the teen-age palate unused to the subtle use of new or different flavors but with age and experience will come appreciation. Yes those deserts are available over the counter! Many of us make a run to this Oasis just to bring home some of those pastries. <br>
Serbian Crown Restaurant Great Falls, VA
Our experience was very poor and frankly we have never returned. The consumate rudeness of the staff and the ineptness of the service resulted in our leaving before the main course was produced from the kitchen. I would have rated the appetizers as inedible/awful when they finally showed up.
Saigon Cafe Sterling, VA
Another "little" gem that has gradually expanded and taken over adjoining property. But it has remained faithful to the owners' commitment to offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Those familiar with Vietnamese food will find most of their favorites and those not will find this a perfect place to get acquainted. The specialty is "Soups" of every type, particularly good on a cold and wet evening. The Chia-Gio (egg rolls) may be among the best around. They have a number of Off-menu dishes which you may want to sample. THe Caramel-Chicken is worth a try! The staff is very pleasant and if you do have a movie deadline to meet, just make sure you tell them.
La Villa Roma Leesburg, VA
Qualifies in the greasy spoon category. Order at the counter and find a seat. What you ordered, if you can recognize it is brought to you. Disinterested service at best. If you want a sandwich, Subway's is a better bet.
Golden China of Leesburg Leesburg, VA
Good food and low on the grease but the buffet is disappointing. Buffet is small offering a limited variety/selection of dishes. Staff replenishes and stirs with comendable frequency but the impression is skimpy. Waiters attentive but the decor leaves much to be desired. A little more effort to soften the stainless steel/cafeteria look would have been nice and conducive to enjoying dinner rather than scarf and run.
Golden King Restaurant Sterling, VA
I have watched this unpretentious restaurant grow over the last 12 years. It is a bit of a secret but the usual suspects seem to show-up on a very regular basis. The owners adopted the buffet concept with a vengence and made it into something to behold. 4 giant hot tables and 2 cold tables offer a selection of dishes that will satisfy the most demanding sinologist. But leave room for the deserts. When you have done the rounds you know you have, and I nearly forgot there is an excellent Mongolian BBQ which will stir-up another endless selection. Decor is classic chinese restaurant, pleasant and conducive to family dining. Service by the always attentive staff is courteous and helpful. There are many better, more luxurious and expensive Chinese restaurants but few where you can take the whole family and really "pig-out"...
Thai Luang Herndon, VA
Always a very enjoyable dining experience. Staff very friendly and helpful. Food prepared to taste from mild to Thai Stimulating. Menu offers plentiful variety for all tastes. Appetizers vary and you should ask for recommendation. The Thai Luang Duck ($18) is a specialty of the house, and is indeed worth the extra expense. Nice selection of curries - green or red - from various parts of the country. Plenty of parking, but restaurant at the back of the shopping center hehind the First Union/Wachovia bank.
Blue Ridge Grill Leesburg, VA
New comer to Leesburg and a BIG step up from TG's. Decor "sports-man" like is a bit on dark side. "DS-green" predominates and if you have to ask, you have never owned a pair of "Wellies". My first impression was "Red-neck meets Texas". But... <br> Service attentive and pleasant. Menu limited but nice selection of specials with unusual combinations. My prime rib - a good measure of quality meat - was generous and very good. My wife's fish was fresh appetizingly presented and very good. <br> Wine list limited. <br> Nice selection of deserts. The key lime pie was very good. <br> Beware, this is quite pricey for the area. Did I get value yes, not enough to be resentful. But for the money I could have done better in DC. <br> The pricing scheme on the menu is a bit over the top, prissy or just plain annoying, depending on how you feel. Frankly I don't need $23 2/3 and $18 1/4 at the end of a long day!
Old Brogue Irish Pub Great Falls, VA
I have known this water hole for more than 15 years and our family has appreciated the good solid fare. <br> A few years ago, the addition of the Snuggery (No smoking) provided shelter for those of us who wished to dine (with family) without excessive noise, Irish humor and boister. <br> The daily specials are always very good and generous. The hamburgers delicious. The sampling of Irish fare - cornbeef and cabbage, stew etc. enticing. Be sure to request "English" mustard as the featured Guldens does not do the cornbeef honor! <br> Desert menu is still limited, but the beer is worth the trip. <br> <br>