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Casa Gonzalez Leesburg, VA
Mexican food does not have to be heavy or greasy. It can be mild or very spicy and this Casa has nothing to do with fast food. A pleasant staff, in pleasant surroundings – part of a former bowling alley shared with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department -- will help you choose from an ample and interesting menu. The owners have tried to make your experience as authentic as possible. Excellent selection of Mexican beers.
Tapei Cafe Leesburg, VA
OK, you are in a rush and you need your Chinese fix now, right now... This is the place. Lets just say you will get hot food, its not bad, its authentic, and there is not too much MSG. If you know what you want, they will shape it to your taste. Eat in your car, or scurry home with your brown paper bag with grease stains. We don’t really recommend sticking around and eating on Styrofoam plates. Peanuts are hell to chase around with a plastic fork and it makes a sound like a nail on a black board.
Mama Lucci Leesburg, VA
A pleasant small restaurant that promises more than it can deliver. If you have the tots along and are not difficult – the zombie like staff, the veal that tastes like mush and no wine to wash down the chef’s bad hair days, you will be ok. The appetizers were better than expected, and lunch better than dinner.
Jr's Sotckyards Inn Vienna, VA
JR’s is the granddaddy of the area’s steak houses. Long before the Logan’s, the Lone Stars and the Morton’s invaded the Northern Virginia burbs, JR’s was busy turning out steak – in all shapes and sizes - as it should be served – to your taste with the appropriate trimmings. An anachronistic “farmhouse” including windmill, surrounded by the sterile glass, concrete and steel of Tysons Corner, and a stone’s throw from the Silver Diner, JR is still turning out delicious steak in an old fashioned warm, friendly, comfortable and well-worn setting. In the more than 20 years that we have been coming to JR’s, we have never had a less than satisfactory dinner. An adequate wine list and some tasty deserts contribute to a pleasant, reasonable and enjoyable evening.
Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant Sterling, VA
I must concur with the previous reviewer. Our recent experience was less than satisfactory. Service was inept and surly. The steaks were tough and not cooked as ordered. The ribs were marginally better. We vowed to strike this one from our list!
Banjara Ashburn, VA
About to celebrate its 2nd year, this little restaurant has survived, I think due to its clientele of natives longing for a taste of home (always a good sign). Specializing in the dishes of Southern India, the menu offers choices from other parts of India. The daily lunch buffet offers a good sampling of the dishes offered. We found the food to be good and appetizingly presented. A watery Mulligatawny soup was disappointing. The practice of charging for extra rice was an irritant. Décor is neo-indian but unobtrusive. If you are a little “corpulent”, beware the booth tables. Service tends to be a little inattentive and not well acquainted with the product served!
That's Amore Sterling, VA
If this is your night to “pig-out” on Italian with the whole family, this is the place to be. This is not fancy Italian, and certainly not a romantic-little-mama’s-place to take that significant other. This is bright lights, wide spaced tables and efficient service. Dishes are not fancy, and there is nothing original on the menu, but what is there will meet everyone’s needs particularly if you have not eaten in several days. Be prepared to tuck your napkin in your collar and not worry about the calories, or your table manners, the spaghetti sauce will be flying and there will be plenty to take home.
Cheng's Restaurant Sterling, VA
Ok, this place deserves a “Very Good” for décor, ambiance, and service - But I do not go to a restaurant to feed the Koi. The menu is un-inspirational and the food is frankly disappointing. This is exactly what Chinese restaurants thought would appeal to the American taste when the invented Chop-suey. Well that was in the 60’s and 70’s and there are a lot more sophisticated tastes out there today that expect more from chinese cuisine. Reminded us of the tourist restaurants in Beijing - nothing to write home about!
Cafe Rue Greenwich, CT
Small and cozy restaurant with a Spanish/Mediterranean theme. Attractive menu at reasonable prices for Greenwich. Attentive service and pleasant wine list. The chef has a good eye for color and presentation. All in all a pleasant experience for the weary traveler or shopper. A little known secret we discovered: for those who wish to go to the movies across the street, and not wait in line, the management will pick-up your tickets while you have a leisurely and enjoyable dinner.
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Washington, District of Columbia
Yes the steaks are rather good, but the overwhelming aggressiveness of the wine stewardess was off putting and only a cover-up for ignorance. Game playing with decanting is useless particularly if you mix different wines in the same glasses. The overall experience was not memorable. Having read the reviews, we wanted to check this place out. We concur that this restaurant falls into the category of “been there, done that” once.
Nam Viet Restaurant Arlington, VA
Once one of the better and more original Vietnamese Restaurants in this part of “Little Saigon”; the restaurant has not kept pace with the urban renewal that is surrounding it. Our last visit was disappointing to say the least. The menu is uninteresting and blah. It offered non of the creative and sublime dishes which Vietnamese cooking is capable of. The food itself was poorly presented and unappetizing. The restaurant was frankly dirty and showing its age. The staff had apparently lots of things to do but take care of customers.
Clydes of Reston Reston, VA
Delightfully pleasant place for meeting someone for any reason. Comfortable seats and attentive staff will ensure that you get your favorite libation the way you want it, promptly. Excellent view of the skating rink where younger (at heart) members of your family may exercise while you contemplate. Food is standard American fare, but good and copious. A nice place for a Sunday brunch.
Mountain Creamery Woodstock, VT
Despite all the hustle, bustle and hype of this over-excited town, this little restaurant has remained unchanged and almost exactly as I remember it more years ago than I care to recognize. This is a true American “diner” with counter service, booths and a few tables. Service with a smile and a welcome. Early morning coffee is good and keeps coming, but the pancakes – out of this world and light as a feather. Sandwiches and plates are unpretentious and good.
Kedron Valley Inn South Woodstock, VT
For more than 50 years, the Kedron Valley Inn – a bed and breakfast – has been a welcome culinary stop and experience. It has changed hands several times and again recently was apparently taken over by a New York agency. To say that our visit was a disappointment would be somewhat of an understatement. Service was lackadaisical in the bar – they were more interested in getting our fairly large party to the table than serving drinks which never came. Service in the dining room was inept, and the food less than memorable. One would expect better than wilted salad and pre-packaged food in the heart of Vermont. An indifferent wine list complemented the airline type food.
China King's Leesburg, VA
The China King’s – no relation to any other establishment of the same name, the owner stresses – is a tiny family restaurant almost lost among the many facilities offering 21st century versions of culinary delights of civil war days. Here, however you are back to your basic friendly, good and not fancy Chinese fare. The short menu balances spicy and non-spicy dishes nicely. The “Kung Pao Two Kinds” (chicken and shrimp) is an interesting and tasty spicy departure from that usually bland dish. Don’t miss the barbecued spare ribs - deep mahogany as Chinese ribs should be, tender, heavy with meat and little fat. <br> This is a children friendly establishment with plenty of Lo Meins and even that very American dish Chow Mein.
Harvest of India Herndon, VA
Another really worthwhile dining experience tucked away off Elden St. In a very pleasantly subdued atmosphere highlighted by farming scenes from Northern India, the Harvest of India offers a nice sampling of the wealth of cuisines that India has to offer from the tender meats, hallmark of the tandoori oven, to the tongue searing Vindaloo. Friendly helpful staff will guide the uninitiated through a memorable dining experience seasoned to your taste. There is a nice selection of traditional Indian breads from puri to pappadums. Excellent vegetarian selection and some homemade deserts and ice-creams which transition nicely from the main courses. <br> Don’t forget to ask - the chef apparently likes to experiment with local fresh produce to provide delights that are not on the menu
Gionvanni's Leesburg, VA
Do you need to take the little league team for Pizza? This is the place. But don't take Great Aunt Mathilda. Orchestrated chaos and confusion matches the “New York Style” for service, Pizza and Formica table tops. Nothing fancy, and no romantic candle light but here, if you can hear your waiter, you will find your pastas – spaghetti, ziti, rigatoni, capellini, gnocci, fusili - your linguinis, your tomato sauces, your meat sauces, your anti pasto and your garlic breads. Now, this is your basic down to earth what-you-expect is what-you-get Italian/American restaurant that we all remember (if your over 50) and thought had been lost forever to the McWhatevers and Olive-Whatnots. If Leesburg were in New York, this restauant would have been called Mama Giovanni’s. Enjoy it, and watch the spaghetti sauce on your shirt!
Zeffirelli - Ristorante Italiano Leesburg, VA
A new entry in the ongoing internationalization of the Leesburg pallet, this is the 2nd “authentic” Italian restaurant for owner Syed. His other place has been a Herndon fixture for some 10 years, I believe. Somewhat pretentious, the faux-Italian décor is nevertheless tasteful and pleasant and promises somewhat more than is actually delivered. Our party found the food good if very rich. There is liberal use of cream sauces on most of the menu items. I have found that some of the best authentic Italian food is not necessarily drenched in red or white sauces, but these are not part of Zeffirelli's fare. The wine list is limited - Italian wines, which may not fit everyone’s taste. Our younger citizens will not find anything on the menu that is particularly child friendly.
Mighty Midget Leesburg, VA
If you are a hiker, biker, or visitor and adventurous, you owe yourself a stop at the Mighty Midget, billed as the restaurant with the worlds smallest kitchen. Long a fixture of Leesburg, this “restaurant” built into a piece of WW2 Quonset Hut turns out some finger-licking good barbecue and ribs. Just of few tables under the trees on a tiny island of concrete. But on a nice day, after a good walk, run, bike-ride or whatever, the food tastes very good and the homemade fries are better than any fast food. If you can see into the kitchen through the window (where you place your order and collect your food on a paper place) you will know that your meal is being cooked to order. Kids love it.
Lightfoot Leesburg, VA
I concur with the other members that this is a place that is well worth a detour. However dinner here is not for the faint hearted or the devoted follower of “Nouvelle Cuisine”. Here sauces rule and not by weight of cream alone. This is rich, and I mean rich food! If you are looking for simple “meat & potatoes with veggie on the side”, you have entered the wrong world, as your choices will be very limited. Each dish that we have sampled – fish and meat – was created or perhaps composed is a better word to maximize flavors, colors and contrasts. The cheerful staff will provide you with a list of specials that only add to the experience and make recommendations from a nice wine list. Our little adventurous group could not decide which dish they preferred from appetizer to main course. No one, alas, had room to sample the desert creations. But who is on a diet anyway.