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Boyd's Seafood Restaurant Calgary, AB
This is definately a place to stop if you are looking for a good feed of seafood. Whatever is in season is special on the menu...the price is right for everything that you get... give it a try
Smugglers Restaurant Calgary, AB
This is one of my most favorite places to eat in Calgary. The Prime Rib is out of this world...and make sure you don't fill up on the salad bar... try it
Chez Francois Restaurant Canmore, AB
If you are looking for that quaint out of the way romantic place to dine your significant other...then this is a great place..the menu is French cuisine and it is all very good... you will like it
Sawmill Pacific Fish Co Edmonton, AB
The food here is out of this world...but be prepared to pay for could sometimes be on the pricey side, especially if you get a bottle of wine or something... give it a try and see if its for you
Cheesecake Cafe Calgary, AB
Ok...for all of you out there with that sweet is the place...a little pricey but worth every penny...any kind you can think of is there for the taking... try will definately go back
Ginger Beef Peking House Ltd Edmonton, AB
This is a great place to get some good chinese food...the atmosphere is very authentic and the service is fast and courteous... give it a try
Joey's Only Seafood Edmonton, AB
This place is definately a hit if you are looking for seafood. Depending what is in season the sky is the limit on what you can have. The prices are right... give it a try
Temptations 1997 Stony Plain, AB
This is a nice place to stop by with your significant is very quaint and if you are looking for a nice place to have some good food and some time to talk... try it
Horseshu Sports Lounge & Maxim Edmonton, AB
The rib dinners are what you are going for here...and they are great...the atmosphere is fun and the service is fast and they always have a smile.. give it a try
That's Aroma Edmonton, AB
Everybody has to like garlic if you are going here...the food is great and you can't go wrong with anything that you order from the menu... give it a try
Syrtaki Greek Island Rstrnt Edmonton, AB
If you are looking for some good authentic Greek cooking then stop here...this is definately worth the stop, time and the money you pay for it... The service is great Try it
Lily's Steak & Pizza Bruderheim, AB
Its hard to decide what you want to eat when you go here...where do you get the choice of both great pizza or a well cooked steak.. give it a try...its worth it
Chuckwagon Cafe Turner Valley, AB
This place has some great food no matter when you go but you have to try for a breakfast...that is the specialty...give it a will like it
Kricket's Cafe St Albert, AB
This is a nicer establishment than your basic roadhouse...the food is very good and the service is fast...the food came hot...and the waitress always had a smile.. I would definately go back.
Manor Cafe Edmonton, AB
This is a great place to eat for the Edmonton area. It is somewhat upscale and you pay for what you get but what you get is great. Give it a try.
Wildwest Saloon Edmonton, AB
This is a great roadhouse style of a place...the food is good...and the beer is always cold...the staff are very friendly...give it a try
Home Food Inn Peking Cuisine Calgary, AB
This place is ok and you basically get what you pay for...if you are not looking for anything special and fairly quick because its a buffet then stop here...
Wok Tonite Take-Out & Delivery Calgary, AB
This is a pretty good place if you wanna stop by for a quick pick up...there is lots on the menu with it being a deli also...try the pizza ... its pretty good
Phuong Hoang Oriental Phoenix Calgary, AB
This is a pretty good place for some Asian food...I wasn't sure after my first visit and went back a second time to give it another chance... I would definately go back
Yellowrose Chinese Food Stony Plain, AB
This is a good place to stop for some good Chinese food...the menu changed with the new owners and they added a few things that you can't get any where else.
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