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Restaurant Name City
Hunan Garden Port Saint Lucie, FL
The best Chinese in the area, ALWAY very friendly (even though I only visit infrequently when seeing family, they still remember me and alway say hello). The food is quite delicious and reasonably priced
Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q Port Saint Lucie, FL
Slow and sometimes unfriendly service mar this location. Food is still good with that legendary Sonny's sauce and fair prices, still worth a visit
Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q Port Saint Lucie, FL
Very long wait for okay food. Still the best bar-b-q sauce around and pretty reasonably priced too. Service and attitude is hit or miss though
Too Jay's Original Deli Stuart, FL
One overlooked area of Toojay's is the To Go deli, stocked with Kosher meals and terrific desserts (yummy black and white cookies!)
Luna Italian Restaurant Stuart, FL
Good Pizza otherwise unremarkable food, but reasonably priced. Friendly and efficient service.
Toojays Stuart, FL
My first Toojay's experience was at this one. The service was friendly, but a bit slow. Food was very good but a bit expensive for what you got
Shuckers Jensen Beach, FL
Back in the day this was thee place to part on the weekends. Great burgers, beer and beach access (with a hotel to boot). . .what more could you want?
Amigos Orlando, FL
The fresh chips and home made salsa are enough to visit for, but the fajita's sometimes come out with the onions and peppers way undercooked. The service is very friendly and the prices very good for the food portions
Charley's Steak House Orlando, FL
A bit pricey but the portions and taste value are only eclipsed by the top drawer service. Great salad bar too!
Chef Mickey's Orlando, FL
A fun, but pricey character dining experience. Went there w/my nephew for his first Mickey encounter. There was ample character time (some coming around more than once) and the food was very good
Dixie Fried Chicken Orlando, FL
Better than KFC hands down! A bit greasy but oh so delicious and VERY reasonably priced. Has a "family run" feel to it and has not disappointed with each return visit
Hero Express At Pleasure Island Orlando, FL
Too bad its gone, but this was thee best food offering at Pleasure Island (though a quick walk to West Side or The "shopping district" has more to offer.
Lotus Blossom Cafe At Disney's Epcot Theme Pa ... Orlando, FL
Extremely overpriced and underwhelming food. There was a very long line for this "fast food style" location. Not worth the price or the wait.
Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki At Disney's Epcot Theme ... Orlando, FL
A bit pricey, but you leave stuffed! The food was very good and the preparation quite entertaining and fun. A good "group" dining experience!
Rachel's South Orlando, FL
Great buffet (including Prime Rib!!!) Dunno about the price, as I went for a business lunch. The, um, entertainment was appealing and somewhat pleasantly distracting
Rio Bravo Orlando, FL
When it was open, the food was pretty good (think Mexican Bennigan's) and the service okay. Reasonably priced and nice portions
Starbucks At Citywalk Orlando, FL
Your typical run of the mill Starbucks only a bit bigger and more crowded with all of the overpriced coffee and moderately tolerable staff. Not impressed.
Sweets At Pleasure Island Orlando, FL
A few baked goods, some ice cream and candy. Nothing terribly impressive but good in a pinch when clubbing at PI
Tonys Town Sqaure Orlando, FL
A nice break from typical burger and fries/pizza options around the park. Top notch Disney service and a reasonably priced (for a them park) menu, the food was pretty good too (Mushroom Gorgonzola Soup!!!)
Wing Shack Orlando, FL
Typical sports bar set up, but the wings were way above average and reasonably priced. Service is a bit slow though
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