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Ly-Luck Restaurant Oakland, CA
This is not good Chinese food, and it is really not that clean. I urge you to go elsewhere to eat.
Isobune Oakland, CA
This seems to be a popular neighborhood Japanese restaurant. My mother-in-law seems to really like their bento boxes. I think the food here is okay. I'm not sure that this is a completely authentic Japanese restuarant. I suspect it might be a Chinese owned one. You are better off going to Tachibana's down the street. I knew the owner's son. This is an authentic Japanese restaurant.
Delicious Food Co Oakland, CA
This is a wonderful place for inexpensive Chinese cakes and baked goods. I like picking up dim sum to go. They also offer party trays of standard fare like beef chow fun, broccoli beef, chow mein, fried rice, etc. I've been coming here for over 16 years and still am served by the same people.
Cam Huong Express Oakland, CA
Hands down, this is the best spot for Vietnamese sandwich. I usually ask them to go light on the mayo and skip the hot peppers. Do keep that in mind or you will be in for a hot spicy surprise in your sandwich. Did I mention this place is dirt cheap, too?
Buttercup Kitchen Family Restaurant Oakland, CA
This is a good place for breakfast. The portions are generous and the food is good. The service could be better, but this place has been around forever. I believe that Suze Orman (the financial guru) once was a waitress here.
Cafe Velarian Oakland, CA
This place has really gone down in quality. I wouldn't recommend that you come here. You are better off going to one of the many other breakfast places in Oakland. I am updating my previous review.
Cactus Taqueria Oakland, CA
This is the sister restaurant to the one on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. This a great tacqueria that uses Niman Ranch meats. The quality of the ingrediants really shows in the food. I have to urge you to order their crispy chicken tacos. They are out of this world. I pretty much could care less about anything else on the menu.
Bay Wolf Restaurant Oakland, CA
This is a wonderful restaurant that is a star in the crowded Oakland Berkeley foodie scene. Some reviewers find the dining areas crowded, but there is so much character in the rooms of this renovated Craftmans style house. I enjoyed my lunch here immensely. You can't miss trying this place for a fine meal.
Lee's Tofu House Newark, CA
There is a dearth of good Korean food in the Fremont area. But if you are fond of soon dofu jjigae (Korean spicy tofu soups), this is a good place to eat. Do take care to consider how the hotness factor when you order. The Korean spicy scale is much different than it is for an ABC like me. So, I tend to ask for mildly spicy. My husband likes things really spicy, so they make it hot for him. I would pass on the rest of the Korean food. I would go to Four Seasons Tofu House or Han Yang BBQ for non soon dofu jjigae food and stick here for your spicy tofu fix. If you haven't eaten soon dofu jjigae before, then don't freak out about the raw egg. Just break it into the dish. The soup and the container are super hot, so the egg will cook quickly. I usually keep anti-bacterial wipes with me to clean my hands afterwards to avoid any accidental contanmination from handling raw egg.
Good Neighbour Restaurant Newark, CA
I rated this at 4 stars rather than 3 stars because of the bang for the buck factor. I do prefer the now closed sister restaurant Yong Kang that was located across the parking lot. But three dishes for $16.50 is a bargain for good Cantonese food. The portions are large. The other sister restaurant New Yong Kang in the Irvington district of Fremont has a more extensive menu and better tasting food. The menus of the two restaurants do differ slightly. Also, they do offer party trays.
Royal Garden Seafood Restaurant Newark, CA
I came with some friends to try the dim sum here. I thought the pricing was a bit expensive. The dim sum was okay, but nothing particularly special. It didn't seem very busy at lunchtime. This is rarely a good sign as Mayflower located much further from business parks and the freeway as always very busy even during the week.
Pasta Market Mountain View, CA
For "faster" Italian food, this is a good choice for a casual meal. There are lots of different choices and the portions are plentiful. Although this isn't the best Italian out there, I think that it fills the bill. I've tried several pasta dishes and have been happy with what I've been served. It can get a bit crowded, but the tables do turn over quickly. It is a bit of a self-service type restaurant where you queue up to order and pay. There is also a drink fountain to fill your drinks. For the specialty choices, the prices rage a bit higher. I will also mention that they do sell fresh pasta and sauces to take home.
Oregano's Wood-Fired Pizza Los Gatos, CA
I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. Don't come in expecting to find traditional Italian style pizzas. Instead, you will find inventive and creative wood fired pizzas. I had a pretty hard time deciding myself. I also thought they had good salads to choose from and thoughtfully allow you to get a full or half order. I prefer this place to CPK as that place is insanely crowded. I didn't have a chance to try the sandwiches and probably won't any time soon as I have a hard time passing up wood-fired pizzas.
New China Delight Mountain View, CA
My husband and I decided to try this place for lunch. We were interested in giving this place a try after looking at their menu in the window. They apparently got a good review in the local paper for authentic Sichuan/Shanghaiese cuisine. Although the xiao long bao was freshly steamed, the flavor was not very good and the meat wasn't very tender. I had an interesting turnip dumpling/bun. It was surprisingly good. The H.K. style noodles weren't very good as the flavor of the gravy was overpowered the cornstarchiness of the sauce. I was disappointed in the quality of their vegetable dishes and settled on black mushrooms with napa cabbage which was okay at best. I thought for the price of the dishes, it was rather expensive. The food was okay. I would have rated at 3 stars if the prices were better.
Maruichi Mountain View, CA
I know that this ramen house is very popular, and you might have to wait to be seated for lunch. On a positive note, service is very fast and the noodles are made fresh in the restaurant. This is operated by a bunch of Chinese people. I thought their sushi offerings were really not very good at all. The noodle soup was okay. I didn't think the condiments and meat portions were very generous. I didn't think it was particularily note worthy considering the price you pay.
Shoreline Grill Mountain View, CA
I am convinced that this place has stayed in business solely due to the fact that there has been a dearth of places to eat for a workday lunch. I have tried both lunch and breakfast here. I really hate when I feel forced to spend money for a meal and regretted eating it. There are far better choices in the newer shopping center that houses Kohl's and REI. If you are willing to drive a little more, go to someplace on Castro in Mountain View. Or go inside Costco and get the hot dog or pizza special.
Michaels At Shoreline Mountain View, CA
This is a little cafe that is tucked away among several corporate business parks. My husband and his coworkers frequently eat here for lunch. It is a pleasant place for a workday lunch. Their menu of salads is particularly good and freshly made. The Chinese chicken salad, Cobb salad, and the spinach salad are quite good. I like the daily specials which are always pretty good. They have a little display case next to the menu so that you can see what the actual dishes look like. They do have burgers and sandwiches which are popular choices, too.
South Legend Sichuan Restaurant Milpitas, CA
My brother-in-law was obsessed with trying this place out after seeing a review of it in the San Jose Mercury. So, we all piled in the car and trekked down to Milpitas to try this place. It seems to be a very popular restaurant among the local Chinese. I was disppointed that they already ran out of dumplings fairly early during the dinner hour on a weekend. I had a difficult time distinguishing between the flavors of the different dishes everything seemed overwhelmingly imbued with chiles and chile oil. It seems to me that this is one of those polarizing restaurants that you either really like or really don't.
Shanghai Delight Milpitas, CA
Another stop in my ongoing quest to find good xiao long bao. This restaurant serves okay food. I tried the pork and salted vegetable noodle soup which was very oddly prepared. It tasted like the vegetable was stirfried before being added to the noodles. The end result was a really off flavor and a bowl of noodles swimming in grease. I also tried the xiao long bao. It was okay, but nothing special. The meat in the dumpling wasn't tender and tasted like a meatball in a dumpling skin. The food was good enough but not great enough for me to make a special trip to Milpitas especially since this area is so crowded on the weekends.
Hong Kong Flower Lounge Millbrae, CA
This place has good dim sum but it is very expensive. I believe that there is so much foot traffic in this restaurant that they are not very attentive to details. There are better places in nearby Daly City for better prices.
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