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Restaurant Name City
Celia's Mexican Restaurant San Rafael, CA
Not only is this one of the worst Mexican food restaurants I've been to, it may be one of the worst restaurants, period. The food was absolutely awful. I think they used cheese in a can (I almost couldn't even eat it). The service was surly, and they made a $10 mistake (that we caught) on the bill. The chips were even bad. The salsa was OK, though. I'd only reccomend this if you feel like barfing.
Taxi's Hamburgers Palo Alto, CA
I had the Tuna Melt, and it was very good. The burgers looked OK, but the chili fries were only average.
Sundance Mine Company Palo Alto, CA
This is an excellent place for lunch. The prime rib is very good, but what is really good are the stuffed pasilla peppers. This is one of my favorite lunch spots.
Casa Isabel Palo Alto, CA
Disappoiting. Runny refried beans and a salsa that was... well... off. Not very spicy food either.
Woodside Thai Spot Redwood City, CA
Very good! They will make anything vegetarian if you ask. They also make some non-coconut curries, which I like very much.
Thanh's Vietnamese Restaurant Redwood City, CA
Very good! We tried a variety of dishes and they were all excellent! Parking looks like it could be a problem, but it's worth it.
Chuck's Donuts Redwood City, CA
Best darn donuts around! And open 24 hours!
Dantes On Woodside Redwood City, CA
We had a steak and pasta, and they kind of tasted the same, like butter. Blah.
Dairy Queen Redwood City, CA
Good, cheap chili dogs and soft-serv ice cream.
British Bankers Club Menlo Park, CA
Good beer, and one of the few places that actually support cigar smoking. There is also an excellent cigar shop next store. The lunch menu is also decent, and they serve a pretty good burger. I wouldn't really come here to just eat anytime other than lunch. But to drink and smoke a cigar, well, then, yes.
Andale Taqueria Palo Alto, CA
Another disappointment in the search for some decent Mexican food. They don't have refried beabs and they put rice in the burritos. They also don't take credit cards, which is highly annoying.
Bucks Restaurant Redwood City, CA
This place has an excellent base menu (unless you are a vegetarian). They always have some very good specials that change every week. I'd say that 50% of the time you'll be ordering specials. They'll also make special requests (conveinient for vegetarians). Also, get the sundae, it's good.