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Restaurant Name City
Hammer's Bar & Restaurant Peoria, IL
I hate to go against the crowd but I was not as impressed with this place the food was alright but nothing to get excited about the staff was a little rude but it was busy at the time but thats no excuse could be better but I've seen worse
Steak & Fries Morton, IL
I love steak and fries you gotta try this place call ahead and pick it up on the way home
Ruby Tuesday's Morton, IL
hello ruby tuesdays been here many many times never gone away hungry salad bar is a meal itself but the soups and burgers are excellent be sure to call ahead for dinner unless you want to wait in line
Panda House Pekin, IL
I think this place closed down there is just a bar at this address now as far as I know
Lin's Buffet Morton, IL
If you like oriental food you wont be disappointed huge buffet lots to choose from your bound to find something you' ll love
Godfather's Pizza Pekin, IL
A little more expensive than some of the other places around but after you try it you'll want to pay again its so good
Jimbo's Pizza Pekin, IL
huge toppings flavored crusts delicious and if you want a great sandwich try the combo steak and sausage YUMMY YUM YUM
Picadilly Pizza Morton, IL
I have eaten alot of pizza but this ranks right up there with the best if you are in the neighborhood stop in and give it a try
One World Coffee & Cargo Peoria, IL
havent been in a long time but always loved it its a college coffee house with great latte
Camille's Sidewalk Cafe Peoria, IL
expensive so bring extra money serves wraps and sandwiches and also beer and wine are avaiable
Panera Bread Company Peoria, IL
I didnt think I would like this place but I was wrong excellent sandwich terrific soup in the mood for something different try this
Spotted Cow Peoria, IL
think DQ only much better real Ice cream not that stuff that DQ squirts out of a machine and into a cup lots of choices try it you'll like it
Alexander's Drive In Peoria, IL
I love drive ins there arent enough of them anymore everyone who hasnt been needs to go there are kids out there who have never even seen a drive in
Arby's Peoria, IL
priced a little above that Mc place and the H place but worth it sometimes a burger just wont cut it thats where Arbys roast beef comes in my fav is the big moe
Olive Garden Peoria, IL
if you have been to one you have been to them all but they are all great I just love the breadsticks and the never ending pasta bowls
Fiesta Ranchera Restaurante Pekin, IL
great food reasonable prices large dining area not overly busy great place for lunch but come early for dinner the place fills up fast
Cracker Barrell Morton, IL
I love this place great food nice atmosphere very friendly its general store type vibe is very cool come hungry leave happy
Weavers Country Fried Chicken Pekin, IL
out of buisness if you want chicken you will have to go to KFC plus they were to expensive anyway and I thought the food was to greasy
Culver's Peoria, IL
never heard of them until they opened up here now I eat there alot the burgers are really good and the milkshakes are super
Davis Bros. Pizza East Peoria, IL
in my opinion the finest Pizza ever put to crust I only go there ever few months because its so good its like a treat but I could it eat it every meal