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Hard Luck Diner Branson, MO
This place was recommended by a fellow worker from this area. They serve a great "ruben". Busy, but fun and reasonable! In a tourist town thats a combination hard to beat. Entertaining and enjoyable.
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Branson, MO
The company I work for has me on a three month training tenure at their offices in Branston. What a fun city! I have an expense account, so eat at different places every day. Some places I go back to more than once and the Lone Star is one of those. Very good food and a fun atmosphere. A real bargin!
Fuddruckers Independence, MO
They have expanded their menu to include more salads, chicken dishes and a few other things. Everything I have tried is good. I like the fact that they keep it so clean here.
63 Diner Columbia, MO
My Father ate here last year on vacation and recommended it. Glad he did, food and service great! prices awesome!!
Crazy Fish Fresh Grill Chesterfield, MO
Close to work so been here a lot. friendly, good food and service. Pretty neat place too!
Memphis Championship Barbeque Las Vegas, NV
I thought it was very good. Rich tangy flavor to the BBQ sauce. The sewrvice was real good too.
Andre's French Restaurant Las Vegas, NV
Was a dinner guest, so the cost did'nt matter. I had a kind of steak that was so tender and so very delicious! We all sampled each others food and everything was superb.
The Steak House Las Vegas, NV
Had a business dinner here, so no wait. Without a doubt the very best steak I have every tasted. I almost asked for the chief's autograph!
In-N-Out Burger Las Vegas, NV
Every city should have a burger place like this! done to perfection and tastes like steak.
Grand Lux Las Vegas, NV
Great service is what made our experience here so much fun. The food was also excellent. a great dining experience.
Hooters of Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
Bigger hooters, but you been to oneHooters, you been to them all. Now thats not a bad thing! I enjoyed them all!!
Hometown Buffet Las Vegas, NV
We had so many complimentary meals it was seldom we ate any place except the Hotels. But we did stop here and was suprised at just how good it was. Reasonable too.
Luv$It Frozen Custard Las Vegas, NV
My wife discovered this place and loved it! Nothing like it around our hometown. Visited it a lot.
Circus Circus Buffet Las Vegas, NV
Was probably the best deal in town. Clean! bright! plenty of choices! fast seating! reasonable! but best of all, was good!!
Rio Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Probably the biggest buffet in town. Looks new. very good food. With vouchers a cheap place to eat. I find the hotel buffets are usually the cheapest and best places to eat for a family.
Danna's Bar B Que and Burger Branson, MO
Pleasent surprise here! Did'nt expect to food to be so good, especally with the prices so reasonable. Try it!!
Red Lobster Cape Girardeau, MO
I have yet to find a bad or even poor Red Lobster! They really have their act together when it comes to really good seafood.
Ruby Tuesday Cape Girardeau, MO
A great menu with lots of new items. Busy, but worth the wait. Had a real good waitress here.
Outback Steakhouse Cape Girardeau, MO
I had the best blackened steak I have ever had here! Flavored and cooked just right! Add to that a friendly waiter and it made for a great meal.
Fazolis Cape Girardeau, MO
A great change from the fast food hamburg places. For the price and convience its hard to beat!
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