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Pizza & Brew Restaurant Nanuet, NY
Overall pretty good food and friendly staff. Also a great place to bring children in that you can eat in a old looking train great for the kids.
Sakana Sushi Nanuet, NY
Outstanding sushi, and being a sushi fan myself I loved it. The only flaw would be the service, but otherwise i deffinetly reccommend it.
St. Petersburgers Nanuet, NY
Excellent food, and great and fun sports bar. I had the wings and serloin and it was fantastic. Wings are hot crunchy, just the way I like them.
Callaghan's Corner Nanuet, NY
Enjoyed the food here alot. Great beer and friendly staff.
Island Sun Restaurant and Cafe Ossining, NY
Small little resturant but pretty good food. Friendly staff to top it off.
Carmines New York, NY
Very good food and huge portions. However theres usally a long wait after 6pm. Ceasar salads are outstanding.
Eira's Cafeteria Croton on Hudson, NY
Decent food, OK service and way overpriced. Wouldnt recommend it.
Red Lobster Restaurant Poughkeepsie, NY
Too pricy for my taste, but even with the big portions the food is deffinetly not worth the money.
Pastels Restaurant Peekskill, NY
Friendly staff and pretty good food. Breakfast is especially good.
Capri Restaurant Peekskill, NY
Great food, great pizza and great entres. The service is also very good. Food priced fairly.
Vegetarian Dim Sum House New York, NY
Great food, great atmosphere, and polite waitors. Excellent for vegatarians or anyone watching there weight. My personal favorite was roast duck.
Carnegie Delicatessen & Rstrnt New York, NY
Huge sandwiches, good food and even better desert. Deffinetly suggest stopping in for a bit to eat.
Ess-A-Bagel New York, NY
Awesome bagels and the spreads and topping are great with a wide variety of types.
Cortlandt Colonial Restaurant Peekskill, NY
Some things are a bit pricy but overall well worth the price. Very good food and I recommend giving it a try.
Nuevo Jardin De China Rstrnt Astoria, NY
Very good food and wide variety. The buffet is awesome.
Elmer Suds Restaurant Croton on Hudson, NY
Very good food and excellent wings. However I dont suggest the hottest level... Unless your brough a fire extinguisher.
Salsa Cocina Mexican & Tequileria Croton on Hudson, NY
Fairly good food, especially since there arent many Mexican resturants in the area at all. My personal favorite was the bean burrito.
Palermo Pizza Poughkeepsie, NY
The food here is great, and its really not too pricy at all. The service could have been a little better but other than they i thought the food was great. Ive gone there for full meals or just to pick up a slice of pizza. The pizza and food all around is excellent.
Monteverde Restaurant Peekskill, NY
The food here is excellent, and the view is beautiful. It is a very formal resturant and no shorts/casual wear is allowed.
Number One Chinese Restaurant Peekskill, NY
The food is very good, especially the sushi. My only critizism would be that they often get your order wrong, especially if you ask for something specially done.
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