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shtown, MT

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Restaurant Name City
Sorrentinto Ristorante Schenectady, NY
Very good pasta here you wont be dissapointed.
Morrette's King Steak House Schenectady, NY
Excellent steakhouse, prime rib was great. The service was good and it wasnt too expensive.
Ferraris Ristorante Schenectady, NY
Great place, great food and fun people. Nice italian food, very good place.
Cornell's Restaurant Schenectady, NY
Excellent place, very impressed with both the food and the service here.
Petta's Schenectady, NY
This place was pretty average, nothing too special. Food was decent.
Glenville Queen Diner Schenectady, NY
Good place, although the service could have been a little better. Would still recommend it though.
Canali's Schenectady, NY
Good place, service was good and it was a nice environment. Thumbs up
Carm's Restaurant Schenectady, NY
We had a great time, we even caught a ski show on the river side of the lot, just was great, wish there was more places like this for casual dining, trip back in time
Jumpin' Jack's Drive-In Schenectady, NY
Good place, a little out of the way but the food is great and not too pricy.
Hiro's Japanese Restaurant Albany, NY
Excellent place, great food and great service.
Mc Gillicuddy's Irish Inn New Hyde Park, NY
Great restaurant, and nice environment. I had the surf and turf and it was outstanding
Rain Desert Danielson, CT
Wonderful atmosphere. Great place to relax, eat some good food and listen to some music.
Chicken Basket Milford, CT
Great food, the ribs are a personal favorite of mine. The food is fairly priced.
Riverside Seymour, CT
Great lunch special and awesome burgers. The staff is extrmelely helpful and professional.
The Mill On the River South Windsor, CT
Outstanding place for a date, my girlfriend found it very romantic. Theres a beautiful view and a great setting.
Outback Steakhouse Newington, CT
The blooming onion is my personal favorite appetizer, and of course the steak is great. However the service could be a little better, we did have to wait a while for our waiter to check up on us.
Red Lobster Wethersfield, CT
Very busy on the weekends, and not that great. I wasn't too impressed with the seafood at all, and could name many more seafood restaurants with much better food.
Sunset Pizza Norwich, CT
Great pizza for such a small little shop. I would suggest take out over the eating at the few little tables.
Golden Palace Restaurant Watertown, CT
Excellent Chinese food. I've eaten in NYC and this is deffinetly up there with some of the best. Outstanding fish and all around a great place to eat.
Chinese Buffet Wallingford, CT
Wide selection and excellent food. Fuits sushi and even some ice cream for desert. Great place for the whole family.