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shtown, MT

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Restaurant Name City
Masa's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Wow truly a must go for this area. If you like French then this is your place. Fantasic food, very expensive but the food is worth every penny.
Fleur De Lys San Francisco, CA
Though the food here was pretty good, but I have to say, a little overpriced. It was not worth the portions and the service could have been a little better. All around good food but a but pricy.
Scoma's San Francisco, CA
Well I thought this place was pretty good, there was a party there when we came in and that looked like it would be a great time. So if your with a large group or throwing some kind of party, this is the place.
Moose's San Francisco, CA
Wow absolutely awesome food here. The atmosphere was great and the food is very well presented. Friendly staff as well
Thai Basil Sunnyvale, CA
Decent place, wasnt too impressed. I've had better thai food than this
Pezzella's Villa Napoli Sunnyvale, CA
Being from new york I was a bit skeptical of pizza out in CA, but I was suprised this place was actually pretty good. Service couldve been a little better, however
The Armenian Gourmet Sunnyvale, CA
I like this place a lot, I'm a big fan of kebabs and this place had some great ones. Overall, good place.
Kabul Afghan Cusine Sunnyvale, CA
Decided to give afghan food a try while I as in CA I must say I was impressed with this place. I dont know the food too well but this place seemed to do it right.
Dittmers Wursthouse Mountain View, CA
Did a lot of eating over in california. This place was very good, some excellent deli sandwhiches I have to say.
Dittmers Wursthouse Mountain View, CA
Excellent food, very good service
Cook's Seafood Menlo Park, CA
Shrimp cocktail was excellent. Very nice atmosphere
Golden House Jefferson Valley, NY
Nice little place to eat with the family. Food took a bit long but I would say it was worth the wait. Not too pricy..I would defffinitely reccomend the steak, unbelievable here.
Applebee's Mount Vernon, IL
Typical applebees. I guess what would make this one stand out is its good service and the food coming out in a timely fasion. Nice atmosphere.
O'Sho Japanese Steak House Poughkeepsie, NY
Awesome food here, the sushi is to die for. I deffinetlely suggest this place for sushi lovers. The rest of the menu is good too, but the sushi takes the cake.
Mistral Restaurant Redwood City, CA
Fantastic! This is without a doubt the best restaurant in Redwood City. I have eaten here at least 10 time in the last two months and they seem to get better every time. The service is excellent, the food terrific, and the wine list very well thought out. I have to say it has become my favorite restaurant
2030 Redwood City, CA
Consistently great food good service.The slightly blackned drum fish was great as well as the jambaylaya.Try the bread pudding for dessert
Creo La. San Carlos, CA
Atmosphere: None Food: Great. I agree with the reviewer who compared it to the San Francisco Hunan. The meat is excellent.
P & P Hunan San Carlos, CA
Another very good chinese food place. Food was good, although in my opinion the service couldv'e been a little better.
Thai Time San Carlos, CA
Wow excellent food here no doubt. The menu was HUGE and theservice was great.
Scheff's Kitchen Germantown, NY
Pretty cool little place, food was suprisingly good. would recommend this place deffinetly.