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House of Bagels Palo Alto, CA
You can imagine the bagels here must be great, and of course they are. Some of the freshest bagels I've ever had (and Im from NY). I ordered about 10 for me and the family.
Higashi-West Palo Alto, CA
I can't get enough sushi, and this place hit the spot. Wasnt exactly the best I've had, but still very good. A bit pricy, but good food in all.
Evvia Palo Alto, CA
Decent greek here, however not exactly the type of atmosphere for an intimate dinner. Crowded rooms and noise make for a decent experience.
Cafe Pro Bono Palo Alto, CA
Excellent food and a very classy atmosphere. The shrimp scampi was great and the salad that came along with it was fantastic. Very good food, atmosphere, and all reasonably priced.
Blue Chalk Cafe Palo Alto, CA
Awesome place...Beer, pool tables, great food. Thats the best way to sum it up. A place to go out with a few friends and have a very good time.
Beppo Palo Alto, CA
So many good Italian places aroudn here (my favorite type) and this place is no different. Reasonably priced and yet still served some great authentic Italian food. Nice atmosphere as well.
Trattoria Buon Gusto Menlo Park, CA
For a place that serves such good Italian food, this place was very reasonably priced. Breadsticks, salads, you name it..all delicious.
Carpaccio Menlo Park, CA
This isnt the BEST Italian I've had in this area, but its still pretty good. Some things were bland but I was a fan of their pasta dishes. Overall, pretty good place.
Hardy's Bavaria Sunnyvale, CA
Im not exactly an expert of german food however I found this place to be pretty good. They had some really good black bread and this different mustard stuff, some really good food your probably not used to. Highly recommend if you want something new
Sahari Sunnyvale, CA
I decided to try out some Egyptian food and I'm pretty glad I did. The food here, though different, was very tasty. The owner is a great and friendly guy as well.
Bella Vista Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Excellent place. The steak here is amazing. It can be crowded and sometimes hard to get in but its beacuse this place is simple amazing. I was very impressed.
Chez Tj Mountain View, CA
Nice tucked away little place..excellent food and a wide variety. You can come here with people of all different tastes and everyone will leave satisfied.
Yakko Restaurant Mountain View, CA
Another sushi night for me, and again I wasnt let down. I got the shrimp tempura and it was amazing. Truly a great place here and a must go for sushi lovers like myself.
Falafel Drive In San Jose, CA
I eat this stuff all the time back in NY, and have to say it was quite good here. Not exactly like back home, but still very good. I was very impressed to say the least.
Pizza Chicago Santa Clara, CA
Being a New Yorker I know good pizza, and I have to say this place was very good. I was very impressed, and aside from pizza they had plenty of great appetizers. Very good place.
Korea House Santa Clara, CA
Was feeling something different so I thought I would check this place out. Decent food, but I dont think it was quite all the hype. Food in this area is great and this place hit the minimum mark
Vik's Chat Corner Berkeley, CA
Not a big Indian food person, but I am a FOOD person. So after giving this a try I have to say I'm sold. This place had some very good food and a wide selection.
Yusan-Sushi El Cerrito, CA
I'm a big sushi person and this place was absolutely fantastic, very very good sushi. If you like sushi, this place is a must while you in CA
Kuleto's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Excellent place, I found that most places in this area are all great, its just a matter of which type your in the mood for. This place's Italian food was fantastic.
La Folie San Francisco, CA
Was recommended here by a friend, and boy am I glad he did. Very good place, probably second only to Masa's. I enjoyed the food here as well as the experience.
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