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Koi Palace Sea Food Restaurant Daly City, CA
Poor service. order a coke and get it in a glas with one ice cube. a very small amount of soy sauce is poured into a very small shallow dish by the waiter. to get more sauce, you must flag down a waiter...a difficult task in and of itself. Beware of the ladies bearing plates of food who pass by and offer it to you (as do many dim sum establishments). We agreed to a plate and found it was $15.00 when the bill came. And we are pretty experienced dim sum eaters! It was some kind of duck dish (mostly bones) and a total rip off. When dim sum is $2 to $4 a plate and they bring you a $15.00 plate and don't warn you, that's highway robbery!
Kani Kosen Pacifica, CA
Excellent food all the way around!
Pepi's Pizza Pasta Pacifica, CA
Great food; great service; accurate delivery always!
Tams Pacifica, CA
Freshest highes quality for a good price