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Los Amigos Grapevine, TX
This is one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants I have ever been in. Woinderful food, fresh chips, daily made salsa (a little different every time - sometimes hotter, sometimes milder but always tasty) and excellent service. Try the enchildas with flour tortillas - a little different spin on tradition! <br> P.S. If you have guests visiting from out of town, take them here. Not much ambience but fantastic food!
Jason's Deli Grapevine, TX
The reuben is excellent & the baked potato is a meal in itself!. Never had a bad lunch here.
Ojeda's Lewisville, TX
Authentic Tex-Mex with multiple locations in the Metroplex. I used to eat at the Plano location regularly & was always happy. Missed them after we moved to the Lewisville-Denton area, but then this location opened a couple of years ago. This one is a little more dimly lit (not a bad thing - just an observation), but same homey atmosphere with same great food.
Red Lobster Lewisville, TX
I was disappointed at this Red Lobster. Service was slow, food was not done as requested.
The Village Grill Lewisville, TX
I was totally unipmressed. The food was OK & so was the family atmosphere, but the prices were too high for the quality & quantity of food received. Plus it's a cafteria (line-style) ordering. Plenty of places to go with same quality of food at much lower prices.
El Chico Lewisville, TX
One of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Service is always top-notch, the ownership makes regular rounds to make sure everyone is happy. GREAT tacos & enchiladas!
Dickey's Barbecue Pits Dallas, TX
The original downtown - still the best barbecue in Dallas (in my opinion). The ribs just fall off the bone, the sides are excellent.
Burger Street Dallas, TX
OK for a drive-thru. Try the chili burger - it's the best burger they've got. Good lemonade too.
Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant Dallas, TX
The food's not that good, but you're paying for that atmops[phere anyway. Little known or remembered fact - this one was the 3rd in the world, after the one in London & the one in Stockholm (the New York location opened about a year later). Then the original partners split & each one is trying to overtake his former partner. Now they're like McDonald's or IHOP - there's a Hard Rock everywehere & it's not big deal anymore. If you've never been it's worth the trip once, but I haven't been there for years - nothing special anymore. make sure you're goping to a concert sop at least it's a worthwhile trip.
Antares Atop Reunion Tower Dallas, TX
Another restaurant that you're paying for atmosphere & not for food. What restaurant sells steaks without baked potatoes (fries only)? Nice view though. Eat at the West End (good restaurants there, then go up in the tower to have a drink & save your money.
ZuZu's Handmade Mexican Addison, TX
I went on teh encouragement of a friend who raved about their food. I wasn't impressed. I had the tacos. They were OK but not anything to get excited about. It wasn't bad - it just wasn't good. For this price I could go to other restaurants & find much better food.
Blue Mesa Grill Addison, TX
I believe this is one of the most overrated restaurants in the D/FW area. I have heard many peopel rave about how good they are. They're not bad, just average. And for the prices they charge they should be at least good, if not very good. Dont' waste your money.
Old Chicago Addison, TX
Pizza is probably pretty good if you like the Chicago stytle deep dish. I prefer the thin crust New York style, so it didn't do much for me. Fresh toppings & good sauce though.
Solly's Barbeque Addison, TX
Good, filling barbecue in a diner-type setting. They have other foods that I hear are good too, but I've always been partial to the barbecue. Not the best but definitely worth a stop in the Addison area.
Great Outdoors Richardson, TX
This used to be one of the best sub shops around. Now it's just average and I have found other shops I prefer. Don't know if they still make their own ice cream or not. If they do, that would be worth the trip in itself. Also, if anyone from GO is erading this, bring back the A-Nachos (nachos w/cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms & onions)!
Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse Richardson, TX
Great steaks, wonderful atmosphere for a date. Has a luxurious fireplace & is right across the street from a movie theater.
Pancho's Mexican Buffet Richardson, TX
Mexican fast food that's filling. Nopt all that great, but it's edible. Comparable to drive through Mexican restaurants, but all you can eat so it's a little better value.
Juan's Cantina Richardson, TX
Generous porions of good food at a reasonable price. My friend Simon said he wouldn't eat any quesadillas except his mom's until he tasted the beef quesadillas at Juan's. Said they weren't quite as good as mom's but close. Nuff said.
Great hamburgers & the thickest, richest, most delicious milk shakes that match any I've ever had. Great palce & great owners!
Jalapeno's Plano, TX
Authentic food for a small price. Huge crowds, but somehow they move in & out quickly. Try the enchiladas!
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