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Tory Cupertino, CA
Now this is very Chinese!! I even had trouble commuicating my order in English! Haven't tried too much yet, but it's all been really good. I'll be trying more over time....a real find. Open 7 days a week, from 11 am to midnight!!! And what a deal...any 3 dishes for $15!! Ya gotta try it.....
JJ's Mongolian BBQ & Chinese Cuisine Rocklin, CA
Nothing to write home about. OK stuff with very little real flavor. The Mongolian BBQ part is pretty lackluster. A real deal if you like to eat alot, but not worth the visit. I didn't really get to try the Chinese food, but looked ok.
Szechuan Garden Restaurant Mountain View, CA
Place has obviously changed hands over the years. Food has stayed reasonably consistent.....but has lost some of it's flavor over the last few years. Still good, and a regular stop for me.
Venita Rhea's Rocklin, CA
Price range picked is for dinner....breakfast and lunch are more in the $6-10 range....but you can order seafood stuff and barbecue. They prepare a whole range of stuff, including prime rib and bbq at dinner + seafood and chops and chicken. My wife said that this was the best french toast she ever had!! Even the English muffin was tasty! This is an informal setting, coffee shop style, but with an Italian decor. The food ingredients are obviously high quality...and prepared with care and flair. If you go on Sat. mornings(around 8), there is a car club that frequents this place, and you get a 'car show' in the parking lot!! This is a great place to eat....I'll be back....with friends.
Cafe At Pottery World Rocklin, CA
This is a 'sandwich' shop cafe in the Pottery World store. Just the store decor makes for a unique setting. A little spot to take a break from the shopping.....but a real surprise....the food is very well done. It looks and tastes like the 'cook' is really to be called 'chef'.....that good. Stop to eat, and do the store as an extra.
Loon Wah Restaurant San Jose, CA
Another 'very good' Chinese restaurant! Right near the interesection of Hwy. 85 and DeAnza Blvd. Dishes I've been exposed to have all been above average in flavor. Was referred to this place by someone who referred to it as her favorite place. Pricing is fair....service good. I'll be back.
Bcd Tofu Restaurant` Santa Clara, CA
Price reflects lunch. Searching for good word for this place.....'delightful' comes to mind! Cute little place across the ElCamino from Moonlite Bowl. 'When you order you get like 10 side dishes! Good thing they have decent sized tables! Foods and service is good. I'm not really into real hot food, but the dishes I tried were very tasty. Short ribs, and chicken were really flavorful, and of high quality. Clean and bright place, worthy of future visits.
Hanamaru Suchi Boat Sunnyvale, CA
Reasonably priced, decent food. Nothing exceptional in my opinion...but good in everything we tried, and was recommended by others for being a good value with consistent quality across the menu. Simple little place on El Camino and Bernardo.
Bamboo Garden Sunnyvale, CA
Real pleasant interior decor. Nice looks, nice service, and good food. It's worth a visit, and it's not real busy since the location isn't very visible.
La Villa Deli San Jose, CA
A landmark for locals who especially like ravioli's....but then you still have to like the sauce. I did, but my wife didn't. In general, the food here is very good, and the serving sizes are more than adequate. Ravioli in the french bread bowl is still the order of the day.
Bombay Bistro Roseville, CA
A lunch stop for they're buffet. One of the better one's in this neigborhood. Will be back to chow down........
Rock Bottom Brewery Campbell, CA
Lunch time prices.....I don't drink beer, but have heard it's good. They give away small sample glasses. It's in the back of the, there is ample parking....but it does get busy. Service is very good, and the food is fair to good. The fish and chips, using salmon if unique! A good place to people watch....enjoy.
Andy's Bar-B-Q Campbell, CA
Informal....I like this place. Above average food, at a fair price. I especially like their pork......but their sauce is what makes it. One of the better ones for barbecue around here. Their beans are very good too.
Sweet River Grill & Bar Pleasanton, CA
Prices reflect lunch. Nice place at the entrance to the mall near Macy's/Nordstrom. Mostly booths, noisy....reminds me of TGI Fridays. Food is above average. Good hamburgers and sandwiches, but fries were 'soggy'.....huge drinks. Worth returning to.
Country Gourmet & Sunnyvale, CA
I've been driving by this place for years and haven't stopped because the Mtn. View branch of this place is plain, cold, with a limited menu---and besides my food there was just average. I think this place is much better! It's got a pretty large selection for lunch. The food is fresh, tasty and relatively 'healthy'(at least you can order that way). Most of the patrons are women, so you know it's not a greasy spoon. I'll be back to try more of they're dishes.
Casa Isabel Palo Alto, CA
Small family run restaurant. Food is a 6 on a scale of 0-10. Service is usually very good and it's convenient for much of the local industrial park.
Southern Kitchen San Jose, CA
This place serves breakfast(6am), lunch and dinner. Small front with parking out back. Serves all types of food, but specializes in Mexican dishes, and is excellent at it. Relleno's excellent. Servings are rather large, but the food is really good and so it's easy to eat more. Prices for seafood dinners run between $10-15. Try this's a keeper.
Golden Crown Restaurant Santa Clara, CA
A small place near the pool hall. Food and service are above average. Another Chinese restaurant to put on you list.
Mision Rogelio Roseville, CA
Nice place.....good service....OK food.....a bit pricey.....but nothing, aside from decor, sets this place off as 'special'.
Fung Lum Campbell, CA
Most of the dishes are around $7-8. Food is tasty, and kind of on the sweet side. All of the dishes I've tried are good....including the weekend brunches, which start kind of late (11am). It's a value at $12.95.........good place to "fill up." Ornate building is starting to show it's age.....they're not putting a lot of effort in maintaining the potentially striking place.
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