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Restaurant Name City
Nations Giant Hamburger Pleasant Hill, CA
These are some of the best burgers you will ever eat. They are so juicy and tasty. They cook these burgers to absolute perfection.
James Street Restaurant Pittsburgh, PA
I love cajun food. I will travel to NO just to get some fixins when I havent had any for a while. You feel like your in the French Quarter when you eat here. Its some of the best cajun food found this far north.
Gandy Dancers Saloon Pittsburgh, PA
Great place to go for a beer and wind down. You can do some good people watching. You will get treated right and with courtesy your entire time there.
Sushi Two Pittsburgh, PA
Best damn sushi in town hands down. They prepare it fresh and to order every time. We have met the chef and he takes pride in every plate he makes. It is the best ever if you like sushi.
Valhalla Microbrewery & Rstrnt Pittsburgh, PA
I just go here for the beer. IT is some of the best around. They brew it themselves and their lite beer is the best I have ever had. It is my favorite hang out place.
Yovi's Chicago Style Hot Dogs Pittsburgh, PA
Great dogs. They have some inventive ways to fix em up. We love em and my son does too. Its one of the few things he will eat away from home.
Arby's Pittsburgh, PA
Love the roast beef sandwiches. They are soo damn cheap and so tasty. The potato cakes are my favorite of all time.
Shiloh Inn Pittsburgh, PA
The atmosphere is worth the high prices. The piano bar is absolutely great. Its a fun place for a great glass of wine, or to go and enjoy your dessert.
Dunning's Grill Pittsburgh, PA
Another great place to eat a great burger. This is one of the best big burgers I have ever eaten. They pile it high and it is so flavorful. We love it and will go back.
City Grill Pittsburgh, PA
Best burgers we have ever eaten. They pile high the fixins and make this a meal in itself. The fries are some of the best I have ever eaten.
Uncle Sam's Submarines Pittsburgh, PA
The best sub you will ever have. They pack it so full of meat you will struggle to eat it all. It is one of my favorite lunch spots.
Rico's Pittsburgh, PA
This is some of the best food we have ever eaten. We have had nothing but great evenings here at this resturaunt. It is some of the most flavorful and excellently prepared food you will eat. We love it and will go back often.
John Anthony's Restaurant Pittsburgh, PA
This is one of the best meals ever. It is a favorite of ours. We agree the wedding soup is the best we have ever tasted.
John Anthony's Restaurant Pittsburgh, PA
They have some of the best food you will ever eat. It is totally better than mom used to make. It is the best wedding soup I have ever had. They make the flavors just burst in your mouth. It is a definate must try.
Gullifty's Restaurant Pittsburgh, PA
Great food for a great price. This is a favorite of mine. You will always have good food and the service is second to none. This place will treat you right every time.
Bravo! Pittsburgh, PA
This is my total fav pizza. Even the crust is tasty. They have great sauce to eat.
Moonlite Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
There is a lot of italian in the NW, and this is no exception. This is one of our favorites. The lasagne is my all time favorite. The cheese and sauce compliment each other so well
Thai Place Restaurant Pittsburgh, PA
Had not been to many thai places. I will now go back all the time. The food was wonderful. The flavors were great together. They had some absolutely wonderful Hot and spicy dishes that had me running for more water.
China Village Pittsburgh, PA
Some of my favorite chinese. They have great food for a great price. You can fill up nicely for only a cpl bucks.
Paparazzi Pittsburgh, PA
This is one of my families favorite italian eateries. We have never had a bad meal here. Its always fast and tasty and they stay very attentive to what you have and what you need.
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