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Restaurant Name City
Emack & Bolio's Ice Cream Boston, MA
Best ice cream in town. nice casual atmoshpere. love the hand made ice cream sodas
Bone's steak and seafood Atlanta, GA
The best steak in town, hands down. The steaks are cooked precisely as you ordered. A little on the high side, but well worth the cash and excellent portions. Great service to go with the great food. You cant go wrong here.
Gardner's Seafood & Pasta Olympia, WA
This is the best place in Olympia. The seafood is wonderful and they also have a full menu of non seafood dishes if you like. A nice small wonderful place for a romantic evening. The service is always wonderful and fast. You cant go wrong with dinner here.
Trinacria Olympia, WA
Hands down, the best Italian food in Olympia. A wonderful wine selection to go with the superb food. The service is great and always friendly. Great homemade food. You cant go wrong.
Seoul Restaurant Olympia, WA
I had never had Korean food until a friend took me here. I must say I was really surprised at how much i enjoyed the food. From the outside, its not the best looking place. But the food and service more than make up for the appearance. My friend told me that this is the best Korean food in the area and i believe her as it was very good.
The American Grill Olympia, WA
I love the homemade fries here. Brings me back for more. Also great burgers to go with the fries. Huge portions and reasonable prices. Easy access off of I5.
The :oyster House Olympia, WA
Best place in Olympia to go for oysters. If you are not into oysters the other choices are really good also. They have really good Halibut and chips. They also have good pasta or steaks if thats what you prefer. Sit on the deck if you can. It can get a little crowded in the evenings.
Casa Mia Olympia, WA
A really good chain mexican restaraunt. The food is always hot fresh and delicious. The service is good and a nice place to go for lunch. you wont regret trying it.
Budd Bay Cafe Olympia, WA
This place has great food and a great atmosphere right on the sound. The prices may be a litte high, but you are paying for location and the great views. The service is always helpful and friendly. Great place to take anyone from out of town or a business meal. Not a great kids place.
Anthony's HomePort Olympia, WA
A very good seafood chain restaraunt. Right on the pier overlooking the bay with a wonderful view. Their salmon is always fresh and wonderfully prepared. The seafood is always fresh. Wonderful friendly staff that always makes you feel welcome and want to return. Try the early specials, great values.
Happy Teriyaki Olympia, WA
They have very good teriyaki. generous portions priced right. There are a million teriyaki places around the area, but this one is better than most. You wont be dissapointed if you try. Always friendly staff make you feel welcom.
El Sarape Olympia, WA
I found this place to have some very good mexican food. To go along with the good food, the atmosphere is wonderful also. The staff was very friendly. You get larger portions for very reasonable prices. They have some of the best homemade salsa that you will find. Great enchiladas.
Osaka Olympia, WA
I must agree this place has the best sushi i have found in the area without having to drive up to Seattle. The chef prepares the sushi right in front of you. They have a full menu of Japanese dishes, but i always prefer the sushi. Excellent and friendly service make this a top notch restaraunt.
Ranch House Bbq Olympia, WA
Moving here from texas, i have to say this is the best bbq i have found anywhere in the area. ITs not the best ever, but the best in the NW. Great homestyle taste and generous portions. The staff were super friendly and very helpful with anything you needed. If you are looking for good bbq in the olympia area, give this place a try.
Thai Dish Restaurant Olympia, WA
If you like spicy Thai food then this is your place. The food is very good and the service is very good also. They can prepare the food as spicy as you like or with very little spice also, just let your server know. Ive always had good food here.
Whiskers Tavern Olympia, WA
Good place to go for some beer and typical bar food. Nice atmosphere with and interesting mix of people. If you dont want food its a nice place to go and talk with friends or play some darts or pool or watch the game. Very good selection of beers.
Falls Terrace Restaurant Olympia, WA
The best part of the place is the view. The food i thought was just ok and overpriced. But i guess you are paying for the view also. The staff was ok, like another reviewer said, seemed elitest. Overall its not too bad, just overpriced for what you get.
Farm Boy Drive In Restaurant Olympia, WA
Great mom and pop hamburger joint. The burgers are huge and the prices are just right. better than any chain burger place.
Tugboat Annie's Olympia, WA
A great little cafe on the water. Nice casual atmosphere with very friendly staff. Food is good with reasonable prices. Can be hard to find if you are not used to the area. Great drinks also to go with the food. a must try.
Claim Jumper Redmond, WA
You definately wont go hungry here as they have the biggest portions. Great food and super atmosphere. The lamb is my favorite dish here. you always leave with leftovers. I love the chicken fried steak also. This place is always crowded, but well worth the wait.
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