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Restaurant Name City
Attman's Delicatessen At Lombard St Baltimore, MD
Excellent Reuben. We don't HAVE bread like this in NC!! Even the children enjoyed it!
Vaccaros Baltimore, MD
EXCELLENT meal for the whole family....and not as expensive as SOME Baltimore restaurants! Have your hotel call for's crowded!
Bella Roma Pizza Baltimore, MD
Good family restaurant...but a bit pricey if you have a crowd! One of my children wouldn't eat his pizza (and that's unusual!!) because the crust was a bit charred. I asked waitress who replied "It's supposed to be that way".
Hooters Of Harbor Place Baltimore, MD
Standard Hooter's fare. I like the wife enjoys the quesadila's (wow, did I spell that correctly?). The location is GREAT for game nights on the Inner Harbor.....but it gets REALLY crowded before and after the games!!
Petit Louis Bistro Baltimore, MD
Good mix of French and "harbor"......with an interesting twist on soft shell crabs! I must say....there is a noise problem in this restaurant AND the back of my chair was pressed against the person's chair behind it's jam packed! If not for the crowded, loud atmosphere, I'd have given it a 5th star!
Park's Fried Chicken Baltimore, MD
PERFECT place for "southern" Baltimore style a boisterous atmosphere. At these prices, I don't MIND a bit of noise IF I get chicken THIS good!!
Kawasaki Japanese Seafood Restaurant Baltimore, MD
Excellent "tandori" style entree's......and the children LOVED the flavor of the rice! One of my children is "picky"....and most places get his order wrong. They did NOT! For that alone, they earned 3 of those stars!!
Oldtown Ice Cream & Bakery Baltimore, MD
If you're in the Belaire Market area, this is a MUST. Their desserts are (admittedly) sinful....but every once in a while.......
Chow Mein Charlie Baltimore, MD
This is "good" oriental food.....much like you can find anywhere in America. The Lo Mein was a bit too oily for my tastes....but my wife thought her sesame chicken was some of the best she's ever had! My children ordered a couple of appetizers (to share) and were absolutely stuffed!
Silver Spring Mining Company Baltimore, MD
My children liked this restaurant......I did not. The barbecue was somewhat dry and too chewy (overcooked?). I'd select a different place.....Baltimore has too many GREAT restaurants to waste your time on this one!
Cultured Pearl Cafe Baltimore, MD
I agree with the poster above. We took a taxi TO this restaurant......but when we finished eating, we had an impossible time getting one to come back to get us! Finally, we decided to walk a bit and see if we could find a taxi on the street. After 1/2 mile (ha), I flagged a taxi down. He told me "NEVER be out like that on these streets". The food was REALLY good.....but I don't think I'd take the chance again.
A Taste Of Ocho Rios Baltimore, MD
First, let me say.....I'd have given this restaurant a 5 for the food quality and service I got BUT..... My wife's order was wrong. She ate it anyway and it was "ok". My children's taco's had sliced LIME inside them. After the first child bit into the lime.......the restaurant was "yucky". Again.....I enjoyed it......but the other 4 at my table did NOT.
Angi's Soul Food Baltimore, MD
Good, reasonably priced comfort food. The fried chicken is "almost" as good as my mama's...... and the vegetables are well seasoned and delicious. This is NOT the best careful!
Bob Evans Restaurant Baltimore, MD
This is your standard Bob Evan's restaurant. It's nothing special.....a bit crowded.....a bit overpriced......but there IS something on the menu for anyone in your bunch! The food is uniformly "fair".
Crazy Mario's Baltimore, MD
The pizza was NOT hot....the wait was long....the crust was soggy. What more could I say? "Find a different pizza restaurant"
Dog House Baltimore, MD
I'm not sure how good this is FOR your body....but...the hot dog's were incredible! Rather inexpensive meal, served quickly with plenty of napkins for the dripping chili!
Fat Daddy's Baltimore, MD
I had heard good things about this restaurant we stopped for lunch. I guess I was expecting more. I mean, I believe I could have easily put together my meal.....from my refrigerator.....with a microwave five minutes.
Hershey's Ice Cream Baltimore, MD
Just as the name implies..... Wickedly rich ice cream desserts! We shared a banana split that would have fed 4 people!
Jimmy's Restaurant Baltimore, MD
Most every town has a diner like this. We've been there twice and I would swear some of the same people were eating there both times! Do not go here expecting's a greasy spoon, but a GOOD greasy spoon!
Lone Star Tex Max Grill Baltimore, MD
Highly seasoned steaks, burgers and chicken! All of us loved it (especially the children). The stuffed baked potatoes are HUGE!
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