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Restaurant Name City
Vesta Dipping Grill Denver, CO
We had both chicken and salmon. Everything was excellent! Excellent food, excellent service and the atmosphere was exceptionally friendly yet upscale. Next time were in town we will go back!
The Fort Denver, CO
Not a run of the mill steak & Seafood place! Very unusual entrees offered, wonderfull food! Waiters knowledgable about eveerything on the menu and will help you make the choice you prefer! Very upscale. Pricy but WELL worth the extra cost. Very impressive!!!
The Old Spaghetti Factory Denver, CO
Impressive chain rest. Clean, well staffed, excellent food, kid friendly! What more can you want!
Cadillac Ranch Denver, CO
Ecxeccent steak and ribs. Service very efficient and friendly. Prices ok for the quality of food! Good! Recommended highly
Raffaello Orange, CA
Prices too high but again, food and service was good, atmosphere nice. Will return.
The Olive Garden Orange, CA
Overall, this Olive Garden was just a little below the standards of other Olive Gardens. Service and food was ok, nice place to take the kids!
Allegro Ristorante Orange, CA
Excellent in every way! Service food, atmosphere all way above most others here in Orange!
City Club - Doubletree Hotel Orange, CA
Excellent food and service but the prices were a little high. Atmosphere good. Would take my family to another place where they owuld be more comfortable.
Alcatraz Brewing Co. Orange, CA
Thought this place was a very good place to drink and eat! Food was good, service slow! Atmosphere friendly!
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Orange, CA
Thought this place was very unique! Micro brew. Good food, good drinks. More drinking than eating going o though!
Taco Mesa Orange, CA
An Excellent place to get a quick meal. service and food both way above average! I'll go back!
Moreno's Mexican Restaurant Orange, CA
Thought this place was just average in both food quality and service. Probably won't go back as there are better mex places to eat
Beef-Rigger Restaurant Orange, CA
Steaks were just above average, service slow but but found them attentive. May go back but I think there are better steak houses around.
Dave & Busters Orange, CA
Great place to take the kids because of the arcade! Good food at a reasonable price, service was excellent!
Tulsa Rib Co. Orange, CA
Great Place! ribs were excellent, Steaks tender and tastey. Service was good, casual dining.
Felix Continental Cafe Orange, CA
This place is one of the best for food quality and service. We really enjoyed everything served. Casual dress but service makes this place stand out!
Kings Fish House Orange, CA
This place is not cheap but the seafood is excellent! Wide selection of seafood to chose from. Excellent service! Nice bar to drink at too!
Carrows Family Restaurant Orange, CA
Food, price, service, all excell. one of the best breakfast stops around! Will stop there next time I'm in town!
Allegro Ristorante Orange, CA
I'll have to agre with the last reviewer! This has to be one of the finest Italian restaurants anywhere. Food, service, apmosphere excellent!
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits Orange, CA
Great food and service. If you don't like kids though, skip this place as its overrun by crumb snatchers!
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