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Hungry Heifer Meridian, MS
And I thought this only existed in the TV show "Cheers!" That's the most interesting thing I can say about this restaurant. Average, average, average
East Side Mario's Calgary, AB
This restaurant is more for the kids and kiddies, but the food will satisfy most adults as well. Pizza, calzones, pastas, soups and salads offer a wide variety of choices with free refills to wash it all down.
Jack Astor's Bar & Grill Calgary, AB
Broad spectrum of very average food.
Brew Brothers Brewery Calgary, AB
Relatively new microbrewery serving good brewpub / grill dishes, with a limited menu until late at nite. Great place to catch the game or live entertainment or enjoy a brewery tour!!
Boston Pizza Nepean, ON
Good pizza, pasta and salads at a reasonable prize. Friendly staff and a great place to catch a game.
Brewery Restaurant & Taproom Calgary, AB
The only real microbrewery in downtown. Wiiiiiiide variety of beers, along with their own, and an excellent selection of very good food. Not your daddy's microbrewery.
Sakana Grill Calgary, AB
For the novice, the floating boat parade gives you a chance to actually see what you are ordering. If you know the cuisine, there is a wide variety of Japanese dishes to choose from. In either case, the waitstaff is helpful and friendly. Good value.
Wasabi Japanese Restaurant Ltd Calgary, AB
Wide variety of sushi, sashiimi and rolls. Helpful servers are a good thing. Nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible either.
Sub Mission Bakerye Calgary, AB
This place deserves a couple of stars just for its name! Not something you'll see all over Canada! Good breads, good smells, good sandwiches and good enuff to give it a try.
Sushi Yoko Restaurant Calgary, AB
The big draw here is convenience. If you're shopping in the mall at Centre Street and 16th Ave and want sushi, this is the place for you. Otherwise........
Tokyo Garden Calgary, AB
Upmarket, sleek and modern setting for sashimi, maki, temaki and rolls. There are also combination dinners and hot pots. Go with several people. Everybody order something different. Share. Have a really good time. If you are with a bunch of people, you can call ahead for reservations.
Wild Bill's Legendary Saloon Banff, AB
Look at the name. Look at the exterior. Look at the tourists. Look at more tourists. Go somewhere else. UNLESS you REALLY like country music or like to dance to country.
Zona's Bistro Canmore, AB
Late nite bistro dining, in Camrose?? Yes, and the very good bistro fare is served in a rather hip atmosphere!
Bruno's Cafe & Grill Banff, AB
Think computer golf, internet cafe and pool tables. Sports bar with a bit of Starbucks? Add in breakfast, lunch, dinner or late nite. Sports bar with an identity crisis that is open early, open late and servces some pretty good food!
Benny's Bagels Vancouver, BC
Good, not great, bagels, sandwiches and coffee drinks in a relaxed, low-stress environment.
Blarney Stone Vancouver, BC
More bar than restaurant, yet still serves pretty good food from a limited menu.
Boathouse Restaurants Vancouver, BC
Nice, small romantic restaurant serving excellent seafood. Friendly and helpful waitstaff that knows when to be there, and not. Very important in a romantic restaurant!
Bojangles Cafe Ltd Vancouver, BC
Location, quality ingredients, cozy cafe/bistro environment, great people watching, reasonable price for the quality and great coffee.
Bread Garden Bakery & Cafe Vancouver, BC
Wonderful aromas, good sandwiches, wide variety of deserts, but definetly the impression that this is a good little cafe living off of a "very good" past.
Broadway Earl's Vancouver, BC
Earl's gets it. They have their target market well identified and do an excellent job catering to them. But unlike many chains, even if you're not the target market, you can still have an enjoyable meal for a reasonable price.
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