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Restaurant Name City
Empire Chinese Restaurant Manning, SC
Decent Asian Cusinine at a decent price.
Carson's Steak House Anderson, SC
Man that Carson can cook a steak. Good thing because I hate mine tartar.
Capri's Italian Anderson, SC
Mamma mia it's a pasta house. Not a special occasion place unless your idea of fine dining is Olive Garden.
Butterbean's Anderson, SC
Meat and 3 and it's not too bad. Give it a shot.
Boathouse Restaurant Anderson, SC
Not bad. Looks better than any boathouse I've ever been in.
Arby's Anderson, SC
5 for $5.95. Not a bad deal in today's fast food market.
Applebee's Grill & Bar Anderson, SC
It's your neighborhood grill. Not bad, not great.
Anderson Auto-Truck Plaza Anderson, SC
It's a truck plaza. Not fine dining but it's not fine dining.
Thai Time San Carlos, CA
The Food and Service is just wonderful. Huge menu, large beer and wine selection and full bar. Our favorite Dining Spot on Saturday Night, when we enjoy not only the great food and service, but also live Entertainment. (Jazz Band)
Amanda's Cafe 'n' Grill Aiken, SC
Amanda probably needs to listen to what her one time patrons are saying and make a few changes.
Ruby Tuesday's Aiken, SC
With changed menu and an effort to be more upscale they fall flat. Go back to the old fare and forget trying to be something you're not. Until they change I doubt I'll be back.
Papa Russ's Bbq Aiken, SC
Now who could say anything bad about their papa?
Olive Oil's Eyetralian Cuisine Aiken, SC
Nice wine list, good food, more towards fine dining than casual but that means a clean shirt and no shorts.
Apex Food Svc Aiken, SC
Mmmmmmmmmmm I'd have to say prison fare is better er, although I've never been to prison, as far as you know.
Willcox Inn Aiken, SC
When the food is good and the wait staff capable then you wonder why it's not packed. The reason is usually they are not catering to the partons taste or the price is too high. My second mortgage is now all used up.
Substation Ii Aiken, SC
From it's start in Columbia to here they keep it going. Pretty good sub.
Waffle House Aiken, SC
Comfort food for some. Personally the hash browns, scattered, smothered, covered, topped and chunked brings back memories. Ooooh my head hurts.
Kobe's Japanese Restaurant Aiken, SC
Well it's not a slam dunk but a good swish with little net. No Kobe Bryant is not part of it. Food is good and the entertainment is not too shabby.
Shoney's of Aiken Aiken, SC
It's SHoney's I mean cmon. I don't eat at Shoney's. If you like canned food with no taste then give it a try.
Linda's Bistro Aiken, SC
I like it but obviously not as much as John B. LOL Definitely worth the trip. Leave the kiddies at home.
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