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Restaurant Name City
Musashino Sushi Dokoro Austin, TX
as already said, they can be slow, but the food really is worth it. excellent sushi in a nice atmosphere. watch for the onion soup, very tasty.
Brick Oven Restaurant Austin, TX
that one's really awesome. i've been to italy for some times, but with these pizzas there's no need to go there, except for the women :). delicious, italian.
Jazz - a Louisiana Kitchen Austin, TX
very nice atmosphere, good music sometimes (live jazz). but leave (!) an i really mean it, leave if they want to take your order. shouldn't have eaten there, rude awakening.
China Star Austin, TX
great service, great buffet, great place. theck out the peking soup, won't forget it. superb.
Cinnamons Bakery Austin, TX
i sometimes drive ten additional miles only to pass there. try the cinnamon rolls, the sandwiches, the nutcakes. <br> if the owner had a daughter, i'd marry her only to get their stuff for free :).
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen Austin, TX
i don't like seafood. once had to go there with a date, she loved it, i loved her, so i came, i ate, i never came back. too much crowd there, very loud, but hey, it's an in-place. average food.
Hot Jumbo Bagel Austin, TX
ya know what big means? once you've seen the french bagel, you'll know it. it's huge, tasty, cheap, fast.
Chez Nous Austin, TX
très bon, tout a fait comme en france. really like that place, fine dining, it doesn't look french, it is.
Alpenhof Steak Haus Austin, TX
i've been there for several times and it was always very tasty. worth the way.
Alpenhof Steak Haus Austin, TX
i've been there for several times and it was always very tasty. worth the way.
Joe's Crab Shack Austin, TX
well, it's not the riz, but ok for the price. i'd prefer a city near the ocean to eat sea food, but hey, we're in texas.
Trudy's Austin, TX
nice place for mexican food. i like their burgers, their service, their drinks. perfect for me.
Pok-E-Jo's Smokehouse Austin, TX
if you wanna get fat, check this place out. once you're sitting here, you'll never stand up again. big choice!!
Ninfa's Austin, TX
that one's really awesome. you think you're mexican? must have been there.
Chinatown Restaurant Austin, TX
a nice place to get a hot chick there, if you wanna be alone with her, gettin close. by the way, food is tasty there, although not the cheapest.
Pappasito's Cantina Austin, TX
it was a hard race, but that one only got second in my ersonal mexican food contest. but it's still great.
Carmelo's Italian Restaurant Austin, TX
best italian food in town. as if it was italy, very nice. attentive personal. not the cheapest restaurant, but an awesome one!
Fado Irish Pub Austin, TX
middle-class pub in my opinion. i've seen better ones, even in germany. takes some time to get your order, but nice choice of beer (if you like the irish ones). a little bit too dark.
Austin Land and Cattle Co. Austin, TX
a big one. very good steaks, made for you in every way you could like it, average price in comparison to others in town, tasty food.
Pluckers Wing Factory Austin, TX
if there was a heaven for chicken, i'd be just right here. if i was a chicken, i'd be lucky to be cooked here. <br> delicious, very pricy, fresh ingredients, nice people. a place to stay.