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Restaurant Name City
Coco's Restaurant Bakersfield, CA
This is a pretty good place to get breakfast. The service has been great everytime I have been there.
Chuck E Cheese's Bakersfield, CA
Okay if you have kids this is a pretty good place to go. You can just let your kids run around and have fun without the worry of someone taking them. No one can leave with a child unless they have the same stamp on their has which can only be seen under a black light. As for the food though, I for one am not a big fan of their pizza. I do have to say they have a pretty good salad bar that I quite enjoy.
Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar Bakersfield, CA
I love Applebees! The ribs there are great but they can be a bit messy :) One of my other favorites is the chicken fajita rollup. The service is alway good but on the weekends there can be a lil bit of a wait to get a table. Trust me the wait can be worth it in the end.
Sizzler Bakersfield, CA
The last 3 times I have gone to this Sizzler's I have had such a bad experience. The service has been bad and the food was cold. I don't think I will be going back.
Red Lobster Restaurant Bakersfield, CA
If you like sea food you have to eat at a Red Lobster. This one is always busy and seems to always have a lil bit of a wait but thats what you have to do for good food lol.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Bakersfield, CA
I love going to Olive Garden for the salad, breadsticks, and plate of sausage and peppers. But I was quiet sad when they stopped having the chocolate cheesecake on the menu.
Mike's Drive Up Eureka, CA
I love chili dogs and when I come to town I make sure this is a stop I dont miss.
Harbor Pub & Pizza Honolulu, HI
I've been to Hawaii a few times over the years and this is one place I do tend to go to again and again. I'm sure you will be seeing me there again real soon lol. Great place to get some good pizza.
Medieval Times Kissimmee, FL
Okay it does cost a bit more than I would like it to but I believe I would do it again. I had a blast having dinner here while on vaction. You get dinner and a show; what more could you ask for?
Los Hermanos Restaurant Bakersfield, CA
This is a great place to go for some good fast real mexican food. When I visit my mom at her work this is where we mostly go for her lunch break.
Red Robin Bakersfield, CA
I love this place. I think they have the best cheesebugers in town. And you get all the fries you want. Its a great place for the whole family.
Mexicali Bakersfield, CA
When I ask my kids where they want to go eat they always tell me the place with the good chips AKA Mexicali. We all just love the food here and eat here at least twice a month.
Barbecue Factory Bakersfield, CA
You know I really use to like this place but they changed some of the food and I don't think it's that good anymore. I wasn't happy the last three times I went, so I'm not sure I'll be going back.
Romano's Macaroni Grill Bakersfield, CA
I've been to this place a couple of times and didn't like the food or the service either time. I will not be returning.
Generals Headquarters Shafter, CA
This place has the best chili cheese fries ever and I so love their cherry pepsi.
Pismo Fish & Chips & Seafood Pismo Beach, CA
I have been coming to this place ever since I was a little girl. My dad use to take me here and now that I have kids I take mine when we go over to the beach. They have the best fish and chips ever.
Mighty Melt Sandwich & Spud Sedalia, MO
Everytime I come to town to vist my grandparents I try to make it to this place for their great sandwhiches. Hopefully they will still be there when I visit again.
Dennys Restaurant Anaheim, CA
I have to say this place is great. For being right across from Disneyland you know it would have to be some what busy right? well I never have had to wait for a table and always got my food fast. I love their grilled chicken and baked potato. Everytime I go to Disneyland I always make sure I stop here for at least one of my meals.
Frugatti's Wood-Fired Pizza Bakersfield, CA
One of the better pizza places here in town. Everyone should come and try it some time.
Los Tacos Bakersfield, CA
I would of never stopped here by looking at the outside of the place. I never thought good food could of come from a place that looked like that. Boy did they prove me wrong. A friend talked me into going there and I am so glad she did. The food is pretty good at a great price.